Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork U C DEATH Compilation

01. Der Rote Milan – Schinderhanneslied
02. Ichor – When Worlds Collide
03. Stellar Master Elite – Freewill Decrypted
04. Massacre The Wasteland – Prelude To The End Of Existence
05. Der Rote Milan – Der Findling
06. Stellar Master Elite – Ad Infinitum
07. Ichor – The Deepest Blue Is Black
08. Massacre The Wasteland – Mind The Disease
09. Der Rote Miland – Die Habsucht
10. Stellar Master Elite – The Beast We Have Created

Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork - "U C DEATH Compilation"
(ICHOR , Der Rote Milan, Stellar Master Elite, Massacre the Wasteland)
Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork
Death Metal, Black Metal, Black Doom, Death Grind from Germany


Hailing from Germany, Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork is a circle of underground bands worshiping extreme music. On May 22nd, 2020, they have released "U C DEATH", a compilation featuring extreme music created by four different bands in the last years. These bands are: Ichor (Blackened Death Metal), Stellar Master Elite (Black/Doom), Der Rote Milan (Black Metal) and Massacre The Wasteland (Crushing Death Grind).
The compilation "U C DEATH" gives you an insight into the world of this Unholy Conspiracy.

10 track compilation digital release
Title U C Death
Released via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork
Release No. UCD008
Release date May, 22nd 2020
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General information Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork (based in Germany) is a circle of underground bands worshiping extreme music. On May, 22th 2020, it has released U C DEATH – a compilation filled with extreme music of four screaming pieces which released their sounds of the underground within the last years are: Ichor (Blackened Death Metal) with latest releases “Hadal Ascending” (full length) and “When Worlds Collide” (digital single) Stellar Master Elite (Black/Doom) with latest releases “Hologram Temple” (full length) and “Hologram Temple: Ominous” (EP) Der Rote Milan (Black Metal) with latest releases “Moritat” (full length) and “SINIS” (EP) Massacre The Wasteland (Crushing Death Grind) with the release World Collapse Countdown

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