Sunday, June 28, 2020

WILD FOREST "Born from Within the Earth"

WILD FOREST "Born from Within the Earth" (Seville)
Release Date: Mid June

Back in 2015 our third reissue with Cadena Perpetua saw the light and the "master" Fali Pipio kept telling us that Wild Forest had to be rescued (as well as another Hispanic band named "La Banda de Atila", something that will be done in the next Condemned to Oblivion Vlll) and thanks to the good of Juan Pipió (drums), we were able to contact Rafael López Corrales (vocal) and thus we were able to outline a work that included all the stages of the band from their beginnings when they were called Claúsor, later becoming Jerusalem, until reaching its last stage as Wild Forest.

It has been a real pleasure to deal with all these great Sevillian musicians, it has always been, from Cadena Perpetua, Urbe, Jerusalem and now Wild Forest.

Of course, thanks to all of you who have been asking Fernando Rubio Alvarez ... and to that monster of Pepe Mejias, who has always been there!

Gadir Records & Heroes of Worship we edit this work in collaboration with Metal Crusaders

Heavy power in the American style of the best Crimson Glory / Qüeensryche

List of topics:

WILD FOREST Demo 1993/95
1.Trash in my mind
2.Waiting for the day
3.Bloody Game
4.The strength of Light
5.Experiment from the beyond
6.The echos of their voices
JERUSALEM Trial 1990
9. Atomic mother
CALUSOR Demo 1988
10.Heavy Metal
11.The end of the warrior

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