Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Wolf Among Us speaks about powerful choices on new single "The Lovers"

Single is the new release from Abraxas Records
 "The old stories about the beginning converge to our reality. The past collides with the future and the light confronts the darkness. Our truth is obsolete, like the ashes of an extinguished fire, and from them ... the lords of the ashes rise "

Wolf Among Us has just released the single The Lovers by Abraxas Records. It is the song that inaugurates the new phase of the duo, which will culminate in the launch of the Lords of Cinder album, a conceptual full, narrating a whole mythology of its own that it intends to integrate to the music with other art forms, to complement the whole plot environment. Listen to the single here:

Coincidence or not, The Lovers comes out on Valentine's Day and brings some tools for interaction with the audience More information on Wolf Among Us social networks (@wolfamongusofficial), which is a duo that mixes stoner rock, grunge and psychedelic elements.

The Lovers is a chapter lost in the whole plot. The idea is to bring the feeling of looking for a meaning for the listener. As explained by the duo, which is Robin Ortiz (Voice and bass) and Alê Cruz (drums, backing vocals and programming), the single is not about love, it is more like the meaning of the eponymous tarot card (Thd Lovers, 6th Major Arcana) ), which on a personal level says about choices, when our paths split on the road and we have to test all our ideals and beliefs.

Leaving the play field a little bit, music has a political bias, which matches well with recent events in the world, talking about positioning against injustices and lies rooted in society.

The singles of the upcoming album will not necessarily be released in chronological order, and the way the story will be told will give rise to numerous interpretations until the work is completed. As the singles are released, fragments of the story will be available for the public to associate and try to assemble the pieces of this “puzzle”.

 Photo: Rogerio Passini

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