Thursday, July 16, 2020

An Oath To Death

An Oath To Death is a tribute to bands from the Swedish scene of the early 90's.The bands are Entombed, Nihilisth, Dismember, Carnage, Unleashed and Grave. Below is the review made by our new collaborator Leviathan.

 It makes you go back in time, we go back to the 90s, some of the bands remind us of the sound of those years.
It starts with the Aposento - for they shall be slain (unleashed), which sound very good, they remind me powerfully of the unleashed with a very powerful sound, after enjoying this cover come the brutal and fireproof Avulsed - sentenced to death (nihilist- entombed), uff inadvertently taking away the merit of the entombed version of these killers is like the edge of a very sharp, deadly sword.
Death blood - unleashed (unleashed), they get a dirtier sound, that transports us back to the 90s, and makes you go nostalgia through your veins.
Decaying remains - extremly rotten flesh (bass), the sound flares up and becomes a very saturated sound but without losing any strength, the memories of those years when a colleague passed you a cassette without a label and you freaked out, they make you come back at 15 again.
Dormath - torn aparth (carnage-dismenber), it is a treacherous claw, you do not expect so much noise and you are surprised by its sound although clean, it does not lose any claw.
Encoffined - bleed for me (Dismenber), they connect perfectly with the Dismenber spirit, we could almost say that they are very similar, so raw and cruel in the purest Dismenber style.
Immortal shadow - eyesmaster (entombed), although hard and powerful I find a more thrash sound, although they do not displease, on the contrary they have a peculiar sound that makes them sound different, with a fresh air that is appreciated.
Injector - loyalty and pride (unleashed), they are like a punch in the whole mouth, they make you feel the metallic taste of blood in the throat, clench your fists and move your head without stopping.
Karonte - wolverin blues (entombed), entombed would be very happy with this cover I am sure, squandering death and tearing souls.
Lethargic - dead forever (unleashed), with a heartbreaking voice, introduce us to the unleashed world, with strength and a sound from beyond the grave.
Mass burial - left hand path (entombed), this cover comes like a Viking ax that breaks your skull in two, the feeling of listening to entombed is very real.
Muerte - on frozen fields (powerful and challenging, they give you an innovative yet cruel and devastating sound.
Nasty surgeons - skinfather (Dismenber), with a dirty sound demonstrate strength and power, a lot of energy to tame this subject and take it to their field.
Necrowitchery - into the grave, they grab the subject by the neck, and destroy us with aggressiveness and extreme brutality.
Nemesis - onward into counless battles (unleashed), almost convinced me to be listening to the unleashed themselves, a highly accomplished track, raw and cruel as it should be.
Rageful - before the creation of time (unleashed), ultra-fast by moments, the unleashed soul breathes through the whole subject.
Sacthu - supposed to rot (nihilist-entombed), they execute the cover with cruelty and forcefulness, wanting to scream at the top of their lungs.
Sonambula - death evocation (carnage-dismenber), with a disturbing sound, the theme goes by and they vomit evil from all sides, raw and dark.
Undead bread - dreaming in red (Dismenber), chilling Dismenber sound, make you feel like 100 swords piercing your body, a nice finishing touch,
For this tribute to Swedish bands, if you like it and you like old school death, this jewel cannot be missing from our collections, it has made me go back to other times, a festival with all these bands would not be amiss, there is what I leave, I hope you enjoy this tribute as much as I did, horns up.

 Review by Leviathan

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