Monday, July 20, 2020


Today we’ll be reviewing the debut album of Peruvian NSBM band Asgard. This album includes the songs of their demos, but with a better quality (in theory).
This band has absolutely nothing remarkable, everything is wrong. Firstly, the quality is horrible, although since it’s Black Metal this would be acceptable. What isn’t acceptable is the guitars that aren’t even tuned and insist in doing out of scale solos that sound like a trumpet or like the Teletubbies.
The music is also mediocre, even if it was decently recorded. In fact, it’s a bad copy of Absurd or Wolfnacht. You can hear the influence of skinhead music, but without their aggressiveness, more reminiscent of ska than anything else.
The drums also don’t have any sort of technique, but what is the absolute worst of all this are the vocals, which are clear during all the album, and they don’t even have any effort put into them. It is sung out of tune and with a sleepy voice that shouldn’t be used in any musical style. Then the choruses are made of the same vocal line doubled to sound as more people, but only inducing even more headaches than the rest of the song.
This album doesn’t even have a single good song, so I wouldn’t recommend listening to it. Maybe if you’re into NSBM you could give it a try, but within the same genre there are thousands of bands that put a slightly greater effort and are more worth hearing.
 Review by Varg The Mighty

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