Saturday, July 18, 2020

ASGARD - Viking/Black Metal (Peru)

 ASGARD is a Viking Black Metal R.A.C. His ideology is focused on national socialism and Nordic mythology.

The first demo called “Northern Warrior” of three songs, was recorded on 05/07/15 and released on cassette.
A year later, the second four song demo titled "Warhammer" (Promo 5/21/16), was released on the same date as its title,also on cassette.
On 11/07/16 an EP titled "WARHAMMER" of 5 songs was released, this like the other 2 demos was also released on cassette, with the difference that there is a sound improvement.
After more than 3 years, ASGARD's first full-length album "The return of the barbarians" was released on 07/11/16, with 10 songs this time on cd-r and produced under the label "Lord of the wolves" Productions .

 Northern Warrior (Demo Casstte,
May 7th, 2015
 1.     My Pride Is Called Blood        
2.     Northern Warrior        
3.     Vikings

  Warhammer: Demo Csasette -
May 21st, 2016

WARHAMMER - Ep Cassette -11/07/16 

Full-length 07/11/16


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