Saturday, July 18, 2020

BLACK SUN ΩMEGA – album “The Sum of All Fears” (self-released, 14 December 2019)...(UPD 12 JULY 2020).

Drums:Petros H 
Vocals-Guitars:Alex Z 
Bass-vocals:Leonidas K 
Vocals-Guitars:Nestor K 

Black Sun Ωmega were formed on November 2018 in Patras, Greece.
Their music is mainly thrash metal, with core & death metal elements blended in.
On 12/14/2019 their debut 11-track album has been released including a cover of "witching hour"
as a tribute to metal titans Venom,available on digipack and in all digital platforms..
Ω currently producing their first video-clip and performing at the same time at several metal fests.
Meanwhile,they 're making ready for their 1st european tour on winter of 2020.

                                                          FIGHTBACK – LYRIC VIDEO



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