Wednesday, July 29, 2020

COGURY - OR NON HUMANS ( Review by Leviatan )

Today we are going with a very
interesting that well surprised me
pleasantly I hope you do too
COGURY an Ecuadorian band from the city of Quito,
we are presented in this promotional E.P
4 direct blows to our ears that will go to
our brain and it will exploit the first
reminiscent of some maiden song but
soon they come into subject and that memory
it becomes a mirage, the whiplash
permeates everything fast and you see his letter of
presentation throughout the E.P, the voice of
powerful and intimidating afterlife takes over
of our souls and possess us with their murderous thrash death,
with its crushing guitars and its rhythmic base
The themes fall and crush us
with its power, thus, MARUTA 731 goes into action
and with a repetitive and catchy rhythm we
Shrouds like a haze in a graveyard
midnight and does not lose any strength.
Like a breath from the underworld comes REBELLION
that maintains the level of the other themes with a base
pounding I have intense
reminiscent of the sound of bands
legendary, with those breaks from the 90s,
and we come to the end of this suicide journey.
TOXIC a theme that will break our lives
vertebrae in an ecstatic atmosphere,
with a cut to half a theme where it seems that the song takes air
to return with renewed energy.
In my modest opinion this E.P is made
short, band that is to be enjoyed live.
COGURY as he puts in his biography,
comes from the word waorani, and is like the
indigenous people knew and called the man
western, non-humans.
What is not clear to me is whether this would be the title of E, P
That would not be a bad title.
Enjoy these COGURY as I did.
health and horns above.

 Review by Leviatan

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