Monday, July 20, 2020

Confront Stage - Hardcore Punk from Russia

Confront Stage playing in the direction of street-punk/hardcore-punk. The band was founded in January 2013 in Ukraine. In the same year, the band's two tracks were included in the Brazilian punk compilation "Chaoz Day 3", which was released on a double CD by Casa Punk Records. A year later, in the summer of 2014, the band Confront Stage in Lugansk recorded their debut Studio EP, called "Slave work". The tracks "Kids of the streets" and "Slave work" (cover Luta Armada) from the EP of Confront Stage was included in various other foreign Internet punk compilations. Since 2016, the band has been stationed in St. Petersburg (Russia), where it continues to work on its new material. The first concert of Confront Stage took place at the end of December 2017 at the festival "Angry Punks Night", in St. Petersburg, performing on the same stage with such bands as: the Mausoleum, Defaulter and Burning Flag. The second performance of the Confront Stage was held on may 1, 2018 along with hardcore bands: Concrete, Crime Line and the Voice of the Provinces.
In March of the same year, Confront Stage took part in the anti-war action “It is not too late”. On August 7, 2019 was released a full-length studio album "NOT HUMAN". On October 28, 2019 in Britain, Chaos Control Records released the 7th inch vinyl punk-compilation "Anger Burning presents: Noise Annoys 1" with Confront Stage.

The songs of the Confront Stage group are included in the rotation at radio stations in Russia, Poland, Australia, Germany, California, Ecuador and Chile. At the moment, the band is actively preparing a concert program and new material with a new composition.

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