Wednesday, July 15, 2020

DEGOLLADO - DEMO (Review by Varg The Mighty)

Last year, Venezuelan Black Death Metal band Degollado released their first demo, an advance to their upcoming album.
This demo consists of 4 tracks: 2 recorded in a studio and 2 live. With this, they show how fierce and ready they are to play concerts and to record albums.
Their songs have a quite thrash approach to Black Death, and they are really extreme and great to headbang at. They also manage to achieve a certain darkness (for example with the keyboards in “El Frío Del Averno”) that lately has been lost in the style.
This darkness is mainly achieved thanks to the great vocals showcased in this demo. Although I don’t usually enjoy metal sung in Spanish, in this case it fits perfectly thanks to a degree of insanity portrayed in the music.
While they have only just started, some radios are already playing their music, which comes to show that really have some potential that they can’t wait to be able to show the world more professionally.

 Review by Varg The Mighty

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  1. Muchas gracias a Varg y a Bathory.....muy agradecidos por su apoyo incondicional.....
    Somos DEGOLLADO, desde Venezuela !!!