Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Discover the Symphonic Power Metal of Thailand that you did not expect.

We are proud to present to you the new addition to Art Gates Records' international roster: The Thai Symphonic / Progressive Metal lineup, Melodius Deite. This five-member formation was born in 2007, characterized by their advanced skills and their unique combination of Metal sub-genres such as the Symphonic, passing through the Power, Progressive reaching the most extreme sounds.

Quoting the band:
"We are more than happy to work with Art Gates Records, they are very professional and dedicated, without a doubt a great record label. We are very excited and we cannot wait to show you what comes with the new album"

After releasing three studio albums: "Episode 1: Dream On", "Episode II: Voyage Through the World of Fantasy", "Episode III: The Archangels of the Olympians", the Thais are ready to release their fourth and new album " Elysium "through Art Gates Records" in October 2020.
1. Destructive Chaos
2. Love or Lust
3. Gluttonous Being
4. Covetousness
5. Acts of Failure
6. Wrath of the Zealots

7. Malicious Envy
8. Vainglorious Pride
9. Neo Utopia
10. Novelist (new version)
11. Various Seasons (bonus track)

The album has been recorded at Melodius Deite Studio, mixed and mastered by Pawel Karlinski at Karlin Studio, Poland. Produced by Biggie Phanrath.

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