Saturday, July 25, 2020

FROM HELL – RATS & RAVENS (Review by Varg The Mighty )

American Thrash Death Metal band From Hell have released this year their second album, so here’s the review of it.
At first, I heard the album when it was released, but I didn’t like it, I even despised it. But now that I’ve checked it out again I see that it is actually pretty good.
The first songs are really good Thrash Metal, similar to when it had the very first tints of Death Metal in bands like Possessed, but with these tints being more similar to Swedish Death Metal than to the American counterpart in my opinion. These songs are very well complimented by virtuous guitars in the style of more technical Thrash bands and by a unique voice. This voice is oddly high-pitched, but it is very interesting to hear, it is more or less similar to Overkill or maybe modern Sodom.
After the initial old-school songs, the album changes completely to a more experimental approach in some songs, and when it tries to go back to the initial style it doesn’t quite achieve the energy of the first songs. This experimental part in the middle is quite unexpected. For example, the song “Don’t Cry For Help” reminds me of a heavier version of Avenged Sevenfold, and it is then connected to the next song, “Three And Nine”, which sounds a bit like Voodoo-era King Diamond. After this, it goes back to Thrash Metal, but the last songs aren’t so good and are fillers, except maybe for “Body Rats”.
Despite the weak songs, this album has quite good tracks, so I would recommend listening to “The Witch” or “They Come At Night” to decide if you like the band before checking out the whole album if you enjoy Thrash Metal. Skipping a few songs, you may really like this full-length.
They will soon be on tour with Atheist, Cadaver and Svart Crown in Europe, so if that isn’t cancelled it would be a good gig to go and see.
Review by   Varg The Mighty

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