Thursday, July 30, 2020

HABAMAL - Thrash Death Tribute (Review by Varg The Mighty )

Besides their album “A Tu Infierno”, Ecuadorian Thrash Metal band Habamal also have a cover album.
The songs chosen for this album are all Thrash and Death Metal, from the bands seen in the album cover.
It isn’t a very good idea to start a band releasing a cover album, since the sound of the band is yet to be defined, but this cover album is pretty decent thanks to the incredible and unique vocals that give the already great songs a different and also powerful approach. They are perfectly the best element of the album and even the band as a whole.
The demo quality makes the covers sound worse than the original ones, but besides that they remain very loyal to the first idea of their creators. All of these covers are nearly identic to the original ones and bring very few innovations, but as these songs were already perfect there’s no need for it.
These covers are all well done, but “Raining Blood” and “Agent Orange” are definitely not as good, since these two songs have the unique guitar picking of Kerry King and Blackfire, which no one will ever be able to imitate. Maybe some other slower songs of Slayer and Sodom would have been easier, but it has been a very brave choice to pick these songs, and in the other cases they’ve played them very well.
While this is a good album, I would first recommend listening to their original full-length to decide if you like the band, and if you liked that album then check this one out. This band has a good capability of doing old-school Death Thrash and should definitely deserve more attention.
                                               Review by Varg The Mighty

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