Wednesday, July 29, 2020

HABAMAL- A TU INFIERNO ( Review By Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of Ecuadorian Death Thrash Metal band Habamal’s debut album, “A Tu Infierno”.
This album starts with a mysterious intro that delivers us straight into the jaws of Old-School 80’s like Thrash Metal, but with more guttural vocals that are nearly the sole Death element. This female voice really gives the music most of its power (even if everything is sung in Spanish, which usually doesn’t fit very well in metal music but in this case is great), and it becomes one of the core elements of the music. The voice has nothing to envy of powerful bands like Brujeria, Morbid Angel or any Death Metal legend.
Besides the ideal recording quality for this style, the most interesting element is the guitar, with really old-school solos that receive answers from the other guitar in the style of Hard Rock and that has been long forgotten in metal since the good days of Slayer or Iron Maiden. This particularity gives a great feel to the music, and it also makes the music much more fun to hear.
Despite being 12 tracks long, this album is dynamic enough as to not end up boring. I definitely recommend this to fans of 80’s Thrash Metal, especially if you enjoy Sodom, that is one of the clearest influences in the band. This is a solid debut album.

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