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𝕺𝖓𝖚𝖘 𝕭𝖆𝖆𝖑 - Heavy Metal/Spain

Onus Baal was born on December 23, 2018 in Huelva after the official dissolution of the band Sälem. It consists of four musicians with different influences from each other, but always within from hard rock and heavy metal.The musicians Fermín Cansino (drums), Tomás Díaz (guitar rhythm and voice) and Javier Fraile (solo guitar) restructure the new musical project to which Gabriel quickl joins García as a bassist, all of them members founders.
The group presents a heterogeneous style since from the point of view of some critics
It is very close to the power metal of groups like Tierra Santa or Mägo de Oz and according to others
closer to old school groups hard rock like Rata Blanca, Scorpions or Dokken. The setlist features both themesmelodic like others in a harder line. Double bass rhythms, melodies and cohesion
group very worked are the pillars of this training in which much of their members have been working together for three years, in addition to the experienceaccumulated over so many years of filming in
previous bands.The band released their first studio album. last April 15. The disc, which carries name "Onus Baal" and it has beenself-produced by the group, consists of 10 songs recorded in  Estudiomathica.(Cartaya, Huelva) under the musical productionSanti García (Ashes of Eden, The Signal,Munch !, among others).
02 Sentencia
03 Cárcel de Cristal
04 Onus Baal
05 Hasta el Cielo
06 Camino al Sol
07 Adiós
08 Aquella Noche
09 Vientos de Ayer
10 Al Son de Brindar


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Attention to the debut album of this band. 
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