Wednesday, July 15, 2020

IDOLOS- AHI CAB (Review by Varg The Mighty )

This band who claim to come from Venus have offered us earthlings their debut EP: a narration of some Mayan creation myths from the Popol Vuh in the beautiful form of Atmospheric Black Metal.
Starting with an eerie, quite incomprehensible prologue with a speech in Spanish, we arrive to the first song, “The Deeds Above”, and all their extra-terrestrial majesty is unveiled.
Unlike most Atmospheric Black Metal bands, these have a more chaotic, low quality sound that is more common in classic Black Metal. This recording quality is ideal because, while being low, everything is understandable.
Their approach to the subgenre is also quite more chaotic. Some songs are more like any classic band from this style, but others have some unearthly chaos and elegance that makes them quite unique. Combine this with the majesty of the solos in “The Deeds Above” and “Blue Blooded Beings” and you’ll get this band, which will surely be an important name in Black Metal in a couple of years.
Another thing that mesmerises about these songs is the particular voice of the singer. It is somewhat similar to Legion Of Doom, but with its particular, completely different concept.
If you’re a fan of Atmospheric Black Metal you’ll love this album, but you don’t really need to like that particular subgenre to enjoy this EP. We sure hope to hear more soon from these beings that narrate how they created our world. Maybe in the form of another EP, maybe a split with some human beings or maybe even a debut full-length.

 Review by Varg The Mighty

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