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IDOLOS interview by Varg The Mighty,

Idolos are a group of blue blooded beings who claim to come from Venus to narrate how they created our world. They have recently released their first EP. How are you doing in Venus?

Hi Varg, we are doing well in Venus. We live peacefully but we feel preoccupied by the way things are turning on Earth.

Let's start the interview. What made you decide to transmit music to the Earth?

Our music is a message. It’s a kind of warning we wants to address to earthlings. Cyclically, humans intent to destroy themselves. And periodically, since the dawn of time, we come to get them back on track. We’re here to remain them that their preservation instinct must prevail. Our motto for this mission his “Relearn and Preserve”. That’s why we want Earthlings to reconnect themselves with their Ancient Cosmogonic History. Future is written in our past. We, have just come back to Earth in these troubled times to bring back order and restore trust in their heart. We want them to hear and understand our message. This message is both a memory and a promise because we are the missing link of hope between their past and their future.
Every sound you hear from us is a cosmic fragment of a cosmogonic story. From different parts of your world, we wrote this story. Through our actions, we wrote your/their History. We brought you Science, we brought you Medicine, we taught you the secrets of unknown knowledge. From the depth of Atlantis to Tiahuanaco peaks, since Ancient Egypt to the glyphs of the Sun Gate, we were at the the beginning of your world.

Why did you decide to send this music in the form of Black Metal?

We decided to send this music in the form of Black Metal because Black Metal is full of energy, and intensity. Tremolo-Picking guitars, high-pitched and growling vocals, relentless blasting or throbbing drums are the perfect elements for the epic and tragic equation of Idolos.

What is the meaning of the band's name?

The “Idolos” is one of the names human gave to the sky visitors throughout history. Some called them “fairies”, or “mythological heroes”, some others in the precolombian world called them “Idolos”. The Idolos are meant to be superior beings, blue blooded entities from another world, an elite of a distant time.

Why did you decide to narrate passages of the Popol Vuh as lyrics?

We come from above and we’re here to deliver a warning message to earthlings by reconnecting themselves with the most important parts of their cosmogony. For “Ahi Cab” (and for the two next Ep), we’ve decided to put the accent on the Mayan Popol Vuh, which is in our Venusian perspective one of the most enlightening text of human history. With the first part of this sonic message we want you to reconnect with the strength and power we delivered to Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, the Hero Twins of what became the Mayan creation myth. The “popol vuh” is one of the most powerful cosmogonic myth you could experience. Deeply rooted in the mesoamerican history and mythology, it’s both a journey to our past, present and future : the struggle and passions between men and gods, the power of elements, life, death, good and evil. The mayan culture was very dedicated to its gods. There was a certain humility regarding the natural elements represented by almighty gods. It’s really fascinating how advanced they were regarding the astronomical knowledge (before we arrived). It makes no doubt this civilization was in touch with some “intelligence from the outside” (our ancestors), some people from the skies.

How was it like to record an EP of human music?

It’s a bit weird for us because it needs lots of technological artefacts. Usually we use our telepathic abilities to communicate with people. But telepathy can’t transmit our soundscapes. That’s why we had to learn how to make what you call Black metal. We built a home made recording studio in the Centre of France and we spend a lot of time gathering our ideas and putting them into shape. We also put ourselves in a shamanic trance to reach an higher level of consciousness by recording the vocal parts.

Do you have any plans to do live concerts on the Earth?

No, absolutely not. We don’t want to expose ourselves. We try to make an introspective atmospheric music and metal live shows are not suitable for this kind of approach in our opinion. Furthermore, live shows require numerous boring rehearsals. We don’t want to lose some times in such fastidious things. We want to spare time to create and to spread our message.

Which are the main human musical influences you have?

We have lots of influences. We have a complete musical knowledge because of our mental superiority. We have learnt and digested human music and musicology. For this specific message, we draw our influences from several musical styles, mostly Black Metal (1st and 2nd wave ; Norwegian and Mediterranean bands), Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), Progressive Space Rock (Kraut Rock, OST).
In no particular order : Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum, Ancient, Diabolical Masquerade, (Early) Emperor, Bathory, Enslaved, Mortuary Drape, Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Master’s Hammer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Goblin, Keith Emerson, Klaus Schulze…

Is there any new music being made?

The next ep of our Mayan Trilogy will be out between Fall and Winter 2020. The recording is almost 100% completed. It will be in the same atmospheric epic BM vein but with more trippy and cosmic touches (with a little bit more analog keyboards).
To keep humans focused on our message and to give them something to ear before the next Ep, we released two cover songs only available on youtube (“Primordial” by Mortuary Drape and “The sign of Evil existence” by Rotting Christ with Lord Necron from Gergovia as guest singer). A third cover will be unveiled at the end of this summer. Stay tuned !!

Thanks for the interview. Would you like to add anything else?

Thanks a lot Varg for this interview and for your positive review. Thanks for your alienigene brain. You play an important role in our mission.
Ahi Cab is still available through Wolfmond Production (Digipack limited version) and Anthrazit Records.
To stay informed, feel free to like our page on facebook.
Remember : Tula is the twin sister of Thule

Interview by Varg The Mighty

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