Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Interview with DEGOLLADO by Varg The Mighty.

The interview is answered by his bassist "Anjael Bass".

  I'm from Bathoryzine and I would like to do an interview with your band.  I'm glad you enjoyed my comment!
  Here are the questions for the interview:

-Thanks to you for the interest placed in us, it is an enormous pleasure.
 Hello, we’re great thank you, enormously grateful and pleased for this interview, hoping that yo’re also be very well.
 Greetings to all your team, also to all the people who read this interview, we hope you are totally pleased.

  2. Great to listen.  What inspired the name of the band?

Technically, the word “Degollado” means “Beheaded”
Well, the name of DEGOLLADO is a node to a little aneadote of us, our guitarist, Rolo, unfortunately witnessed a person while someone else brutally cut their  throat, that obviously remained in his brain.
Later, while he was composing, he saved every recording data in a folder on his computer that he named “DEGOLLADO”, after that memory.

  3. What are the main influences of the band?
Some the bands that have had little influence in DEGOLLADO , are  Dark tranquility, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir and Cryptosy , which are also the bands we listen daily.

  4. Do you expect to play live soon?
Yes, when its safe to go outside and gather large groups of people of course, we already miss the adrenaline  thet being on the stage give us, watching the public enjoy our songs, that satisfaction does not compare to anything ...

  5. In addition to the demo songs, is there more waiting to be recorded?
Yes, we have more than just one demo, we are currently working on a whole album that will be titled ... EL Templo De La Crueldad.
 Comes with 9 songs, we hope the situation gets better soon, so we can get to work and finish it.

  6. When do you think you will release more music?
 As soon as possible, the situation in Venezuela and the global pandemic have slowed down the process, so we do not have a definitive date but it will be very soon ... We are working on it and we hope you enjoy it and be  your greatest pleasure.
"Anjael Bass"

  7. How was the writing process for your demo
 If you talk about the lyrics, they were written by Piraña (our lead singer), when we showed them to us, we liked them, we share their all of their Rights, except for a song called "Maldito Creador" which authorship  belongs only to Revolucho (our drummer).

  8. What do you base your lyrics on?
The lyrics of the band DEGOLLADO are mostly protest,  we feel it as our way of protesting against the negative vision that some religions have in modern times.
,we do not criticize religion as such, but the negative aspect that they entail.

  9. Thanks for the interview and good luck in these times.  Would you like to add something else?
Thank you very much for your good wishes, we wish you also the best of success !!!
 Yes, these are difficult times indeed, but DEGOLLADO keeps holding on, and we will still standing.
 We would like to add that we are working hard, to bring you surprises and news from us, we work to learn, and we learn to give. more every day
 Thank you for this interview and thanks to our manager Erik Norambuena for always working hard for us and for you ...
 Metal forever ...


 Interview by Varg The Mighty.

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