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Interview with Silvia de Ultimo Resorte by David Kiss.

-One day of so many others in my record store in Barcelona, ​​about 8 years ago, an older woman comes in, it could seem like your mother or even your grandmother if you rush me a lot, but if she has pink hair, she goes with Mayas , spiked wristbands, torn fishnet shirts, things change.

Well you with a well-groomed beard could also look like Prokotkin! (laughs!)

-His face was ringing, he asked me about some spiked wristbands of course! (laughs) and I told him you sound like something to me, he smiled and told me that he was the singer of the Ultimo Resorte, damn Silvia! personal diary !, and that day he was going to talk about me, I did not take it very seriously, photos of rigor, ... But the next day I was published to my surprise, a heavy and a punk, in which we fraternized totally from the first moment.

 I have always liked the heavys, I consider them cousins ​​of the punks! (Laughs) Silvia answers, while I read the prologue.

-Many of you will think who the hell is this aunt! Well, I will tell you that he was one of the first punks in Spain, but real punks from the late 70s, from the same time as the Sex Pistols, from the same time that punks denounced in the lyrics of songs, social criticism, the same time that the Ramones narrated one, two, three ... with distorted riff, short songs and obviously with many many balls ...

 I was born the same year as Sid Vicious and John Lydon!

My relationship with her continues, with a lot of affection and respect from me towards her person, for everything that has been and is of Spanish punk, she could be a punk diva, she could believe herself to be a superior being due to her history within the style, but she is still authentic even in that position, helping everyone without asking for anything in return ... She can say do it yourself !!!

 I've always believed that the secret power of punks was enthusiasm….

... Silvia I also believe that without enthusiasm there is no future! (More laughter !!!) You know? We are going to fully enter the questions and I am shocked to be able to do this interview, I love hearing your story as a musicologist or as a music lover this is one of my most emotional interviews of all, you know that I admire you and deep down in me heart you're my favorite punk! ... (laughs).

You are my favorite scoundrel too ... (laughs).

-Think that the majority of our readers are Canadians, Japanese and Latin Americans, the vast majority have not heard of you, but I would love for you to tell me how punk started in Spain, in Barcelona ... what do you remember of that post Spain the dictator Franco ?.

In that transition that took place after the death of the dictator in 75, there was a great generalized fervor, people practiced freedom in all areas, society in general became transversal, the moment they legalized the communist party, they promised that drugs were going to be legalized, something that never happened, then when Felipe Gonzalez of the Spanish socialist workers party came to power, complete disappointment came, when he had to vote yes or no to nato, and that the socialists had promised that they would never enter NATO, they held the referendum with a coercive question, which showed that horzontality had only been a summer night's dream.

 -I imagine that at the end of the 70s, finding a punk girl had to be quite difficult, could I affirm that you were the first or the first female punks in this country?

 Maybe I was the first one from Sant Boi… although there was another punk named Clemen that we both went to the same foosball table to spend the afternoon with more strange boys (laughs).

 -Curious data that you have given me because I have always considered that some musical movements were formed in the peripheral towns of Barcelona, ​​Cornellá, L´Hospitalet de Barcelona, ​​I speak of punk, heavy, now more current the trap, do you think the same ?., Do you know the reason?

 If in the peripheries the rock is more united, they all go together, while in the big cities there is a huge fight of egos.

 -In 1978 you travel to London, you meet Sid and Nancy, you take photos, having a strong encounter ... count, count !!! that story is fascinating!

 It was not fascinating, I took a photo of Sid, and as I saw that it had turned out ugly I wanted to take another one or then Nancy appeared throwing the camera to the ground, she took advantage of to kick his ass, then Sid gave me such a kick in the stomach that knocked me down, finally Nancy dug her long nails into my arms, not because I have always been so short! (laughs) but we both looked into each other's eyes until a colored girl came to separate us ... and right now I swear that this is the last time I tell this nonsense in an interview! (more laughter)

Over the years, that encounter for many would be historical or they would have paid to be there, Sid Vicious punk iconography par excellence ...

 Instead of fighting with them I would have loved to get along with this couple of damn! (Laughs)

-I imagine that traveling to London your perspective when you return would be totally different, but in those years, that you learned everything by word of mouth, magazines and little else ...

 I was at the first punk concert in Barcelona in 1977 and at the first punk concert in Zaragoza in 1978, when the punk explosion had already happened in London and there was nothing left. What interested me most was the idea of ​​making fanzines, to support the groups instead of disqualifying them as the professional musical critics used to do.

- Ultimo Resorte is formed in the Collblanc neighborhood, but history says that you were already well known in the punk environments of the time ...

Noooo! I correct the data! I set up Ultimo Resorte in Sant Boi and rehearsing in Collblanc, in a factory hall in a factory in Colonia Guell, the performances in Rius and Carrio's garage, directed by Carlos Mira & Carmen Gil, were much later.

-That same year you do a concert that goes crazy ...

The first UR concert happened on November 4, 1979 in the Asylum of Sant Boi .... the public threw money at us as they passed .... they ran up and down the halls .... it was very exciting for them ... .A dozen of the first Barnacity punks also came to see us.

-In most of your concerts you showed the breasts, something innovative, provocative. We are talking about the late 70s, yes, why? was spontaneous ,? thought ?, aggressive?

 They were eager to provoke, punk was the most extreme thing I could do to reveal myself against the false moral that was within punk itself, everyone with a very open mind, but they made me empty, and more since it came The hardcore that did not tolerate women at the head of a group, only they had the right to save the world in their own way, they treated me like a silly girl shitting on top of the world, just as the holo dry in a letter.

-But you didn't record an Ep until the year 82 including 7 songs, something unthinkable in those years ... (laughs) and with a sound that is quite deficient, I imagine for the economy ... (laughs!)

If it was called the septisingle.

-You start playing in other cities, you coincide in the 80s, with members of Kaka De Luxe, Alaska Pegamoids, Ana Curra, Eduardo Benavent, all these groups located in Madrid, many of them continue to be closely related to Ana Curra. ..a brutal feast right?

 If the truth is that between the two groups we try to eliminate the differences that had always existed between Barcelona and Madrid.

_You also have a rocker follower named Loquillo, a musician who in the end has been honored in the history of music in Spain….

-I know you have never sought fame, but in all the books of Spanish punk history, you appear, my reflection would be, if Last Spring had been from Madrid, perhaps your legacy would have been more recognized?
No, because we were anti-stars and we did everything wrong! (laughs)

 -I know you had discographic offers, you rejected them, for me this kind of thing is incredible, but it was a very punk thought! fuck! ... (laughs)

 The record labels to take for granted, who brought punk were the independent labels!

-UR goes through infinity of changes in the training ... why?

 Because everyone hated me.

-You play with all the historical Spanish punk groups, Las Vulpess, Cicatriz, RIP ... how did you get along with each other today? we talk about bands born in the early 80s, s

 Great thanks to the link of javi sayes of the fanzine destroy from donosti

 -You record some more things and the group dissolves, why?

 Because I broke.

-Are you really a
Peligro Social as your song said?

I composed the theme of social danger with an acoustic guitar and spoke of the law, of Peligro Social, of the Franco era, in which any gang of young people were considered criminals just for going together on the street.

-You form another band called Algo Tóxico, that this project is more durable, is it because you are getting older? Laughs !!
And you don't think about getting older? (Laughter) With your wife and your children ... at least I have not had children nor have I married by conviction

-Algo Toxico, have you recorded I create a couple of albums, I always imagine self-produced?

 Yes, it has always been my motto.

-You also usually do Porno Pogo festivals, explain to me what they consist of?

 It is an adventure that began with an ejaculation on the public of Dana Pornoterrorista, but since after Diana went to live in Mexico, at this time I received very little support from post-pornstars, so I threw myself into migrant combative porn with Another human beast called lLnda Porn, but this is a crazy adventure that is over for the moment.

-You have had economic proposals to remake UR, but you have always refused ,,,

UR we are a cursed group, we fight for lost causes.

 -Although you have always told me that you have never needed a dirnero to live ...

I worked when punks were frowned upon (laughter!)

-You are still punk, provocative, they always look at you on the street with your colored hair, provoking in a country of inept and hicks ...

 Being punk is for life, there are no specific stereotypes to be punk, punk is invented day by day.

-You can say something for our bathoryzine readers ...

Nice to meet you!

-I always finish my interviews with personal musical influences ..
In punk there are no better or worse groups ... they are all extraordinary !!

-Your first record bought in a store, age?
Susie Q by Jose Feliciano

_First concert attended as an audience? Age?
John Mayall 13 years old

-The concert you will never forget?
The tribute to Rosa Resorte
-Which group never get tired of listening?
Fermin Muguruza

-A song or group that you are ashamed to recognize that you like? Laughs !!


-Do you want to say one last thing?
Thanks for everything David, I hope I can read this interview in the bathoryzine before I die !!! (laughs !!)
                         Interview by David Kiss

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