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KAISER FRANZ JOSEF release "III", their new album.

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With their latest album, Kaiser Franz Josef fulfilled the promise of "Make Rock Great Again". The Vienna trio have proven their groundbreaking excellence in both the rock genre and their live concerts, leading them to achieve an international reputation, although they do not rest on their laurels despite this, they even plan to set the bar higher with their new disc "III".

In record time, the trio founded in 2010 managed to excel on the European rock scene with their own concerts, most often ending up as a complete steamroller and opening for bands like AC / DC and Billy Idol that have earned the respect of some true rock legends.

During their concerts, opening for groups like Airbourne and The BossHoss or at Download Festival, Wacken Open Air, Rock am Ring and Rock im Park have captivated and excited the masses so much, that the stages were shaking. In the past two years, they've had memorable encounters since entering the Rock N Roll bubble, as frontman and guitarist Sham describes it. “At a festival, Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Snear took us backstage. Apparently he confused our bassist Pete with his bandmate Taylor Hawkins and was totally thrilled with the similarity between the two, he couldn't figure it out. Later, when he calmed down a bit, we started talking and he asked us what we were called and then he suddenly told us that he was reading a book about Emperor Franz Josef. A totally bizarre story ... "

After 2 years of non-stop touring, the two-time Amadeus Award winners reunited in mid-2019 to work on the third album. The trio has already released a first preview, the single "Dive", which came out in March.

The band's first two albums were produced by themselves at their own rehearsal venue, however this time, singer / guitarist Sham, drummer Tom and bassist Pete managed, to record their third album, to work with the iconic producer, Grammy nominated Tom Dalgety (Pixies, Rammstein, Royal Blood, Ghost)! at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales in the early summer of 2019.

"During composition, we were with Tom in Vienna to do pre-production in our studio," continues Sham. “We hit it off right away and we were on the same page when it came to ideas for the new album. We picked him up from the airport and immediately started working. ”

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After finishing pre-production, the band traveled to the UK to record for 8 weeks at Tom Dalgety's legendary Rockfield Studios. From Vienna to Wales they traveled in a small mini-bus, an adventure on the 1800 km road through 6 countries in less than 40 hours, this is “Rock N`Roll! "Around noon, we got somewhere in the middle of nowhere, completely sweaty and tired," Sham recalls. "The studio was located on a rural farm with several guest houses. Imagine how many legends had been recorded there and what those walls have heard gives you goosebumps Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, Rush, Motörhead ... I was in the room where Freddy Mercury slept and even in the studio you can still hear the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' piano! Originally, we wanted to include a piano part in one of our songs, as the theme progressed, but we realized that it didn't fit. ”

A touch of rock history, which has left clear marks even without the use of a piano. With "III", Kaiser Franz Josef appear more powerful, energetic and multifaceted than ever, already demonstrated in his first single "Dive", progressive guitar riffs, a direct beat and an electrifying refrain. With Sham's peculiar voices, he speaks on a subject that no one can ignore. "The song is basically about a deep feeling of shame," says the singer. "In my opinion, we don't deserve to be here and do everything that is happening around the world right now. We behave disrespectfully towards this planet, with other living beings and, of course, with ourselves. Each of us it contributes in its own way to the destruction of this ecosystem. Every responsible person must think about whether they want to be part of the problem or part of the solution. "

A theme that couldn't be more relevant, the catchy song, "All In My Head", Kaiser Franz Josef talks about the way mental disorders only get worse in times like these. "We have always written about what moves us. This time, many things were created unconsciously and then went through various internal filters. We talked about the world and the way we see it, about the state of affairs and what this planet is like outside If in many ways. The piece was inspired by a person from my circle of friendship with whom I am very close. I tried to put myself in a state of schizophrenia. "

On the contrary, his music becomes extremely wonderful with the single "Epitaph", where Kaiser Franz Josef addresses the issue of toxic relationships. "This is this very particular type of person ... the narcissistic black widow, who completely takes over your life and manipulates you like a puppet without you realizing it. You can't win a fight with them,"

Along with typical KFJ songs like "Strip My Soul" and "Otherside", Kaiser Franz Josef shows us a different side of his music with dream songs like "Overdue" or emotional halftime hymns like "Rings To The Bone" .

KFJ got Seasick Steve to collaborate as a vocalist and guitarist on the song "Cactus". "It is just a living legend and we are totally grateful to have it on the record as an international collaboration," says Sham. "It definitely gives him that certain mojo in 'Cactus'. This guy is so real !!. I think he lives in a small town somewhere in England. We had to send him the recorded tracks by courier the old-fashioned way; he sent his recordings of new to cassette tape, so Tom Dalgety had to turn them back into Rockfield Studio and then mix them up. The work on this album was a crazy journey full of great stories that we will definitely tell our grandchildren. We are incredibly proud of this record And you can hear it. "

Club Tour 2020:
06.09.2020 – Pitcher in Düsseldorf, DE
07.09.2020 – Nachtleben in Frankfurt, DE
09.09.2020 – Indra Club 64 in Hamburg, DE
11.09.2020 – Helios 37 in Köln, DE
12.09.2020 – Beatpol in Dresden, DE
14.09.2020 – Backstage Club in München, DE
17.09.2020 – Luxor Live in Arnhem, NL
18.09.2020 – Q-Factory in Amsterdam, NL
23.09.2020 – B72 in Wien, AT
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