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KAT - The Last Cowboy (Review by David Kiss )

Heavy Metal breathes throughout the world in the same way, with influences depending on the place where it is composed, but with similar similarities, whether from England, the USA or Japan, but in this case Kat come from Poland, nothing to do with the guitarist Kat the eccentric guitarist !!, distributed by a German label, we got her new album "The Last Convoy".
From the first song "Satan´s Nights" it is clear that if your tastes are classic heavy metal with Judas Priest tints, you will continue to listen to them. Versions of Scorpions "Blackout", AC / DC "You Shook Me All Night ...", Deep Purple "Highway Star", are already telling you what kind of influences they have, apart from the stellar collaboration of Tim Owens singer of bands like Judas Priest, Iced Earth and Yngwie Malmsteen in the sixth song titled "Flying Fire 2020" ...
It is a good album but if you are looking for themes that motivate and get out of the stereotypes, pay attention to "Dark Hole-The Habitat", a brutal mid-tempo, with a transmission of emotions, palpable in all its composition in addition to the collaboration of the pianist Paweł Steczek giving a nice harmony at the end of the song.
1. Satan´s Nights
2. The Last Convoy
3. Mind Cannibals
4. Highway Star
5. Dark Hole - The Habitat Of Gods
6. Flying Fire 2020
7. Blackout
8. You Shook Me All Night Long
9. Hidden Track Total
LINE-UP  del grupo
Qbek Weigel – vocals
 Piotr Luczyk – guitars
Adam „Harris" Jasiński – bass
Mariusz Prętkiewicz – drums

If you are interested in everything published by the Kat band at the discographic level, here you have it.

Ostatni tabor / Noce Szatana     Single     1985      
Metal and Hell     Full-length     1985    
Metal and Hell / Oracle     Single     1986      
666     Full-length     1986    
Time of Revenge / Czas zemsty     Single     1987      
38 Minutes of Life     Live album     1987      
Heavy Hell & Metal     Split     1988      
Power Metal - Heavy Metal from Benelux     Split     1988      
Oddech wymarłych światów     Full-length     1988    
Power Metal - Heavy Metal from Benelux     Split     1992      
Bastard     Full-length     1992    
Ballady     Full-length     1993    
Jarocin - Live     Live album     1994      
...Róże miłości najchętniej przyjmują się na grobach     Full-length     1996      
Bądź wariatem - Zagraj z Katem     EP     1996      
...Róże miłości najchętniej przyjmują się na grobach (Promo)     Single     1996      
Szydercze zwierciadło     Full-length     1997      
Somewhere in Poland     Live album     2004      
Mind Cannibals (Rough Mix)     Demo     2005      
Mind Cannibals     Full-length     2005      
1985 - 2005     Boxed set     2007      
666 / Metal and Hell 25th Anniversary Edition     Compilation     2011      
Rarities     Compilation     2013      
Acoustic - 8 filmów     Full-length     2014      
Without Looking Back     Full-length     2019    
The Last Convoy     Full-length     2020      

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