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Kitflus Interview (Interview by David Kiss)

                                                           Kitflus Iceberg, Pegasus
Today I feel good, when I get up like every morning, I download my email to the computer finding an answer from Josep Mas, many of you won't even hear the name; but his nickname Kitflus pianist, keyboards, composer; the bell may ring and if not, its main bands, both Iceberg and Pegasus with great recognition at the state and even international level, bands with great prestige in progressive music and jazz, you still do not know who is it?

I will continue giving you information, composer of the closing theme of the Seoul Olympics, arranger of the greatest flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla on his posthumous album "Potro y Miel", groups like Mecano, the Mondragon Orchestra, Juan Perro, apart from others collaborations and accompanying musician of the greatest Spanish-language singer-songwriters such as Joaquin Sabina or Juan Manuel Serrato Apart from being married to one of the heaviest, sexiest and most energetic singers in the Spanish state Joana Amaro.
If with all this you still do not know who it is, I would recommend you if you are a follower or a good lover of progressive rock 70, such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Yes, ELP or even degenerate and improvised jazz rock, do your best to listen to their bands previously named Iceberg and Pegasus.
This interview will be based practically on this time, since our magazine is more of rock tints ...

-You were born in the mid-50s, in a small town in Barcelona called Mollet. When did your curiosity about music start?

MY GRANDPARENTS WERE THE KEEPERS IN CHARGE (it is where the people who go to the Rhythm Casino Club of Granollers kept their outerwear and bags), when I was very little 4 or 5 years old my parents left me with my Grandparents on Sundays, I I escaped and went to the side of the stage where there was always an orchestra playing, I loved to see those musicians playing and seeing people having a great time, I thought, that's my thing! (laughs)

-What makes you decide on the piano as the main instrument?

I was always very little, I always asked the Three Kings especially Baltasar who was my favorite! (laughs) Music instruments, my Father was a good lover of Music; When I was 6 years old, he bought me a second-hand piano, taking me to Music classes first with Merçe Sunyer and later with Maestro Sunyer (his father) who was the Director of the Choirs of Claver.

-Studies at the Liceu Conservatory and the Barcelona Conservatory, apart from studying? What music did you used to listen to? Placing readers we speak of the late 60s, early 70s; s.

Until I was 14 years old I studied in Mollet but we did the exams at the Conservatorio del Liceo, after reaching this age I moved to live and work as a Musician in Barcelona, ​​I also agreed with the Barcelona Conservatory of Music on Carrer Bruc, we talked about year 1968.

-The story tells by Tony Ronald himself that you went to test as a guitarist accompanied by your mother since you were 16 years old (laughs), but who asks you if you play any other instrument, well I am a pianist and you leave them stunned with your improvisation to keyboards! (more laughter)

 The truth is that there are things that I do not remember! (laughs!) but I would say it wasn't exactly like that. (more laughs!)

My first job as a Musician outside of Mollet (because in Mollet from 13 I played with various local groups LOS ESTOICOS, CUARTO MUNDÓ, FOLK3… my father took me to Ibiza where I joined a Orchestra conducted by FRANK DUBE Besides, I had a project as a band that made versions of CHICAGO / BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS and, as I have mentioned, a Dance Orchestra that we played individually in Cabarets de Barcelona Type Emporium (a very famous Cabaret of the late 60's) that of TONy RONALD It came later when I was already 16 years old.

-Thinking about all your studies, maybe being able to play with a musician with a certain reputation, did it make you take an experience and climb a few steps as a musician? I don't know if you get the message of my question ..

The truth is that when I became part of the band of TONY RONALD is when I started as a Studio Musician, at that time most of the Record Companies and Recording Studios were in Barcelona and I became an artist to record records with a lot of Artists of all kinds of styles.

-You travel to Venezuela with your companion mother for being a minor ... (laughs)

Not! As I have previously mentioned, I traveled with my Father to Ibiza, signing a paper authorizing his Son to be able to work as a Musician, since I was a minor at that time, you needed a permission from the Father to be able to work.

-But in rehearsals with Tony Ronald, your accompanying groupmates and you realize that improvisations take you to another level beyond "Help! Help me" or "I'll leave the keys to my door"

The truth is that the ICEBERG group came out of Musicians who are members of the TONY RONALD group

- At that time they nicknamed you Kitflus (laughs). Who baptizes you with the nickname? What does it mean?

The name of KITFLUS was given to me by the brother of Tony Ronald, when I entered with Frank Dube's group a record was made called PROJECT. me! (laughs), they called me KISGAY, when I entered with Tony, his brother who had come from Holland, I don't know why he started calling me KITFLUS and that's how he stayed.

And as far as I know it doesn't mean anything, but I liked it! (laughs)

-Max Sunyer did have perhaps more progressive experience with his previous band Tapiman, but how did you get to form the Iceberg band.

After Tony Ronald in 1973 Max and I together with Jordi Clua Bajista, Ivan Bargas Bateria and a Singer from Ivory Coast, we made a group (SECOND IMPRESSION) we made Summer season in Mallorca and Menorca.

After that group is when ICEBERG began to develop.

- How do you agree on the musical direction of Iceberg? Whose idea is it to give the group a name? -

At the time of ICEBERG we rehearsed about 8 hours a day, in a room that had been rented to us by a Woman who had a house on Bufarull Street in Barcelona, ​​both Max and I composed the instrumentals, in the first work of the band TUTANKHAMON and Angel Riba composed the letters.

Regarding the name of ICEBERG, the only thing I remember is that we were looking for a name that was written the same in Catalan, Spanish and English.

-You released your first album "Tutankhamun", was Alain Milhaud your producer on that album? I think your relationship was not very good?

TUTANKHAMON edited by CFE (Compañía Fonografica Española) was by Alain Milhaud but he did not produce that album, he edited it after it was recorded.

On the next album, he got involved as products, and so on our next albums.

Alain had a very special character but he was a magnificent person and a Professional like the glass of a Pine (which is called ¡) I learned a lot from him !.

-You make a first conceptual album in 1975, in a country little given to this type of music, however the repercussion is amazing ...

The truth is that from the first live performance that was in a disco in Granollers Sheila or something like that! (laughs) Public acceptance was continually on the rise.

-But on this album it seems that you are not very happy with the voices, I imagine that it must be hard for someone who has been your partner for a few years to explain that the group has a turn for the next album ...

From the second work on COSES NOSTRES, the main composers were Max and I, the songs that came out were instrumental but it was not premeditated, it came out that way, anyway Angel continued in the group.

-Your live shows were full of energy, I think you enjoyed improvising a lot, a mysticism was created between the audience and you ...

There was always a lot of energy between us and the public

-I imagine having Jordi Colomer on the drums would help! (laughs)

JORDI COLOMER was one of the best drummers of the moment and it was a pleasure to share Music and Experiences.

-In your next albums Max Sunyer guitarist and you the organ, you mark the compositional evolution of the band ..

As I mentioned before Max and I wrote, there are always many Musical Dialogues between Guitar and my MiniMoog.

-I have a curiosity, how you got along with other bands of the moment, Smash, Machine!, Canaries,

At the time of ICEBERG is when the Macro Concerts began in Spain, therefore we coincide with all the groups of the moment, and the truth is that with everyone there was a lot of Feeling

It was a brutal moment for Music and Culture in general, within our borders.

- "Coses Nostres" is the title of your second album, here it is already all instrumental, without Angel in charge of the voices in the group and you consolidate yourself in the sales charts, unusual in those times in a country called Spain ...

Now it would be unthinkable to reach # 1 of the Top 40 with an Instrumental theme and with that kind of Music! . (laughs)

Here everyone agrees that the third album "Sentiments" is the zenith of your career, where the stars come together, leaving a round album, do you agree with the statement?

For me the 5 albums have special and different things, I keep all of them, selfishly (laughs).

-A direct continues, but it seems to be short and does not capture all your real potential that the band offered live.

It is not short, what happens is that the songs are long, live we let ourselves go a lot.

-Why does the band turn off as such?

After 5 years and 5 albums Max and Mi gave us to change course, we were young and restless.

-But the road continues you go to jazz rock, changing some musician and the band is renamed Pegasus, with Max and you at the helm ...

PEGASUS arose because both Max and I coincided a lot with Santi Arisa and Rafael Escote in Recordings, playing in different Musical events and we decided to make a stable Group.

-Was the dissolution of Iceberg an emotional rupture? Was the transition from progressive to jazz due to personal development? ...
Neither at ICEBERG nor at PEGASUS we never considered doing a type of Music style, but I always say that Music is just one.

When they ask me what music I make since people like to put labels I invented one:


-From Iceberg to Pegasus, with almost the same members, I mean the hard core….

Yes! 50%

-With Pegasus engaged in full jazz, in 1982 you released "New Creations" ...

PEGASUS was formed in 1980 and precisely this Year 2020 We are celebrating the 40th Anniversary after recording 9 albums and 1 of scale models, hoping to be able to do a series of farewell performances if the current moment allows us.

-Pegasus' career is fruitful, you get to play at the Montreux Festival, Kool Jazz in New York, Barcelona Jazz Festival, Carentre others, something you should be doing well ... (laughs) right?

If that's why we are waiting to finish this stage by doing the farewell tour !!!
-Your personal career as a musician has been very rewarding, extensive. Playing with Max for so many years, but sharing experiences with Carles Benavent, Camarón, Serrat; Sabina, David Palau ... and a thousand others (laughs) which has surprised you the most!

I have done countless works with diverse aesthetics, with countless Musicians and Singers, but I never stop being amazed!

-In a private conversation, a professional musician told me that Rafael Escoté was the best Fretless bassist in Spain! Your bass player in Pegasus !! Have you say !! (laughs)

You will never hear me say the best or worst Words about a Musician

but if I can tell you that Rafael Escote is a great bass player, magnificent and personal !!!! Answered? (Laughs).

-Finishing my interviews I usually ask these questions about the musician's personal tastes.-First records that you buy in a store, age?

Basically I listened to Music on Cassettes recorded by friends and I think the first album that I bought was AFFINITY, an album by BILL EVANS and TOOTS THIELEMANS but I must have been 25 years old, but when I went to live in Barcelona I shared a room with Jordi Colomer, he If I bought a lot of records, we listened a lot to JAZZ MODERN QUARTET / JOHNNY HODGES / JERRY MULLIGAN / OSCAR PETERSEN… among others!
-What is your first concert that you attend as an audience?

In the sports hall of Granollers KING CRIMSON I think it was one of the first Concerts that there was in this Country in the 70's. From progressive I have a very good memory.

-The concert you will never forget as an assistant? And as a professional?
They could be KING CRIMSON, BILL EVANS, CHICK KOREA with Return to forever, to name a few….

-Are you still a group or soloist as a fan?
I like many, but I don't follow anyone particularly, but I listen to All Kinds of Music.

- You never get tired of listening to ...

There are many that I like but particularly the album that I have named before (AFFINITY) BILL Evans

-Do you have any group or soloist that you find difficult to recognize in public that you like? (laughs!).

Not!!! (more laughter!)
 Interview by David Kiss

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