Sunday, July 26, 2020

Lost In Static – Jordan (single) (2020)

L-R - Lance MacBain (Guitar), Centre Left - Tyler Johansen (Drums), Centre Right - Noureen Amin (Vocals), Far Right - Jared Boyd (Bass)
Photographer: Joe Miles - Instagram: @shotbyjoe_photography
Fresh out of Calgary, Canada comes Lost In Static. What started as a cover band called Moron Mountain many years ago has now fully blossomed into an original metal act that has been playing stages since early 2019.
Comprised of seasoned musicians Lance MacBain, Noureen Amin, Jared Boyd, Tyler Johansen the metal band has just started their musical journey fusing the djent elements of progressive metal with metalcore. 
The group works together to create music that is both aggressive and fun, with MacBain generally writing the music and MacBain, Johansen and Boyd collectively writing the lyrics. Relating to their band name, the messages they send through their lyrics convey relation to the feeling of getting lost in the “static” of the world, and all the events that take place; an almost overwhelming feeling of white noise.
With an emphasis on producing a tight live show full of headbanging, energy and moshing, Lost In Static is hitting the ground running with their debut album being released soon.
2020 - TBA - Lost In Static (self titled) - LP
2020 - Jordan (single)
2019 - “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (Mariah Carey cover) (single)
2019 – Feel Alive (single)
Shared Stage with:
Distinguisher, No Home, Diamonds on Neptune, Snakepit, Tama Hills, Gratuitous Platypus, Dead Ringer Pridelands, Young Bloods, Iron Tusk, After The Prophet, Father Moon, DeathBreather, The Luminary Plot

Single Title: Jordan
Release Date: July 31, 2020
Label: Self-Release
Track Listing:
Jordan (4:37)
Single Credits:
• All songs performed by: Lost In Static
• Written by: Lance MacBain
• Produced by: Jesse Kopala
• Mixed by: Jesse Kopala
• Mastered by: Kyle Prusky
• Album Artwork by:@cardobear
Single Recording Band Line Up:
Tyler Johansen (Drums)
Jared Boyd (Bass)
Noureen Amin (Vocals)
Lance MacBain (Guitar)
Live Band Line Up:
Lance MacBain (Guitar)
Adrian Parcioaga
Jared Boyd (Bass)
Malcolm Propp

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