Friday, July 17, 2020

My Heavy Memory - Clarity ( Review by Alex Mandel)

Clarity (2020).

These Californians put on the facebook page that some of their main influences are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Slipknot, Radiohead, Rush, Forbidden, Testament, Radiohead ... I beg your pardon, but the first song gave Dio a taste. It even blew me away. Nothing to do with what he puts on his facebook, but nothing. Truth in Lies is what it transmits to me. DIO, Rainbow or Black Sabbath but in more modern versions ... Yes, there are songs like Bleed The Way that without losing those influences that at least I see, they sound somewhat more modern. They remember that good vibes that bands like High Spirits broadcast.
And let's see, it is a correct album, that perhaps the comparisons are hateful, that it sounds good as you listen to it and that the more times you put it on, the more you like it but, yes, the damn but, it ends and you stay with The feeling that you have been hungry for more, has fallen short and without any hit that makes you jump out of the chair. Which is fine, entertains and is winning with the listening but it gives me the feeling that he is missing a single. Anyway, it's worth it ... because there are songs like the one that gives the album its name that try to give it a different and interesting nuance.
The comparisons slab is disgusting, but it's interesting to give them a try.

Review by Alex Mandel

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