Saturday, July 18, 2020

NDP Txarly Usher y los ejemplares already on the street.

Txarly Usher (Radiocrimen, Carniceros del Norte...) Rafa Balmaseda (Parálisis Permanente) Orkatz Ira  (Obsesión Fatal) Andrés Gutiérrez (Komando Vaticano) form this new super band presenting their first album "Cuervo, Corazón y Cuchillos" (Demons Punk Records ).

Outstanding protagonists of the 80s Afterpunk are dispatched with this elegant and dark Post Punk gem where the permanent paralysis bassist and the voice of Txarly Usher manage to thrill lovers of a genre that resists time with surprising freshness, this Disc has been recorded during the state of alarm in Bilbo's Pookah Sound Studio by Mike Ether. Dark melodies and luminous rage coexisting in harmony in this original work, an exercise that moves between nostalgia for the past and the most imminent future with complete ease. Basque Post Punk billed by pioneers restless for ... "Exemplary" creatures. 

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