Sunday, July 26, 2020

PANTHEON – AGE OF WOLVES ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

American Death Metal band Pantheon have recently released their debut album, “Age Of Wolves”, so here’s the review of it.
On this album, every song is unique and different. The first ones have hints of Thrash Metal, that go evolving as the album sounds into hints of Black Metal to hints of Melodic Death Metal, never abandoning American Death Metal as the stylistic core of their music.
The vocals on this album also keep slightly changing, from a common Death voice to a slightly Black one to one similar to Entombed in some songs. This is helped and kept consistent as a single concept thanks to the elaborate guitars, which combine complex riffs with a lot of thirds instead of fifths and melodic solos that are more oriented to the feeling they want to transmit than to the showcase of virtuosity.
This album is kind of curious, since Death Metal rarely includes so much Black Metal influences as here, which can especially be appreciated in the title track. With all of this flow between genres, it’s hard to picture an album which manages to be identified, but these songs manage to have the same vibe to themselves even with their clear differences.
This is a good, consistent album with no fillers or weak songs, but it sort of lacks something to make it better than the rest. In other words, this album is good, but not great.
Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable, so if you like American Death Metal with hints of Black Metal you should check this one out.

  Review by Varg The Mighty

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