Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Rat Boogie released a second single and music video from the upcoming debut album!

Promo pic by: Iivari Aikio 
Finnish rock band Rat Boogie is set to release their debut album 'Bad Gravity' on August 14th 2020 by Secret Entertainment. The band released a second single and music video "Another Day, Another Night' from the upcoming album.

Watch "Another Day, Another Night' music video: 

Vocalist/guitarist Mika Palosaari comments:
"Days go by and you're exhausted, working for someone else's profit? Feeling like you're living somebody else's life, exactly in the way you don't want to live? Then only a healthy dose of power pop can save you! Rat Boogie's second single from their upcoming album 'Bad gravity' wraps everyday stress in a melodic, rocking package and brings back some joy and hope."

Hailing from Oulu, northern Finland, Rat Boogie is a trio that tastefully melts different influences into a tightly rocking, original package. In the core there is always the organic live playing that gives the flowing melodies a solid backbone. With an amply aggressive but breathing sound, Rat Boogie adventures inside the rock'n roll nucleus, celebrating all the good things that can be achieved with guitars, bass and drums.

With long musical experience in Finnish bands such as EBPSATRFM, The Blaster Master and Laid Back Townies, Rat Boogie makes memorable melodies, while rocking tightly in the trio format. The song themes range from overly talkative people to the unsung heroes of grassroots-level music culture and from zen-like, poignant statements to someone called David Bow.
PRE-SAVE Bad Gravity album on Spotify:

The first single and music video 'Wonderboy' is available here:
Track list:
01. The Unbearables
02. Wonderboy
03. Go down (wayward sun)
04. David Bow
05. Another day, another night
06. Downriver
07. Some kind of light
08. Unhappy world
09. Dance the night away
10. Cold sun
11. Lost without trace
12. Perfect life (alone)

Cover art by: Pasi Aikio  
Mika Palosaari - Vocals, guitar
Mika Säkkinen - Bass, vocals
Pasi Aikio - Drums

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