Sunday, July 26, 2020

TERATOS - Interview by Didac "Metallian" López.

01 - How did the idea of ​​forming a Death Metal band arise?

If your question is personal, it was really an idea that arose from listening to so many brutal bands from the 90s era and that idea was always there spinning around in that head, but it was difficult to form a band like that With that brutality in our country, I had heard some but not with so much technique, which obviously came from outside, I think that was the impulse to be able to do something different, of course with the influences of the case

02 - Since the band was formed you have recorded a demo, a split and two Ep's,
     has changed somewhat the compositions and sound of your first works
     regarding the last "Terror Insano?

Of course, if there have been both musical and line up changes, I think that more than changes, there have been improvement processes, as for each member of the band, their own requirement, to do a good job, leads us to make better songs and consequently there is a change, but I think that something very important is not to lose the essence, which is the fundamental

03 - What are your lyrics about, do you compose them all, or is there a member who
     is dedicated exclusively?

The themes have been very important throughout the years of the band, now the lyrics are analyzed in a group and the context is evaluated in order to have a logical and reasonable sense, which has to fit perfectly into the melodies of the songs. songs to compose.

04 - "Terror Insano" came out in 2018, are you preparing new material? You have signed
      by some record company?

 We are working on a new material, hopefully next year 2021, all the issues will be set, and of course we already have a record label.

05 - Have some bands influenced you when composing?
I think personally, there is always a percentage of influence to compose, that is inevitable, but this is what happens to me, it is the same with the other comrades, but that mix as a whole is what makes us feel the satisfaction of listening to each song, with a touch of each one of us.

06 - How is the scene in your country, bands, concerts ...

 Every year some things improve, and others are kept on standby, very good bands have been born, and that is great, but the support is still minimal and sales are very low, I hope that will change over the years, and See massive admission to concerts and more purchases of materials from the bands.

07 - What is your maximum aspiration as a band?
I think that like any band, being able to tour around a continent and rub shoulders with renowned bands, that is what some bands point out, not all of them like the idea and are respected, but I think that after a great job in music production, many doors

08 - Do you know Death Metal bands from Spain?
We still do not have that luck to share the stage with bands from your country, but if I maintain communication with some, REINCARNATION, AVULSED, I love that brutal sound that they transmit.

09 - I guess, with the subject of "Coronavirus" now you will be stopped when it comes to rehearsing and compose. Here many bands take the opportunity to record videos from their homes to offer then to your fans, are you planning to do something like that?

Sure, at some point we will post something on the networks, but we are more focused on getting a good product and polishing everything in itself, so that you can see a good job, all with patience.

10 - In addition to TERATOS, do any of you play in any other band?

No, at the moment we are all focused on the album, putting 100% our musical knowledge

11 - Finally say what you want ...

Thank you for this great interview, I hope it is neither the first nor the last, and tell all your followers and those of TERATOS, to all those firm teratomaniacs in death, here we are sick as always giving of if in the battle of metal and we will continue giving that brutality… thanks BATHORY ZINE and we will already arrive in those lands to give of our sickkkk disease SPAIN

Thank you very much from Spain.


 Interview by Didac "Metallian" López.

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