Friday, July 24, 2020

THE GUILTY BRIGADE premiere the video clip "Corpses On Earth" in memory of the victims of Francoism

The Guilty Brigade premiere the video clip of  "Cadáveres en la tierra"in memory of the victims of fascism, with the collaboration of El Drogas

The cut belongs to the last album released by the band last October, and El Drogas collaborates on it.

It is not a video clip, nor a song in use, but what the band has tried to do is an exercise in memory, vindication, struggle and tribute at the same time.
In this way, the band shows us real historical archive images in an animated way, where the protagonists of the clip will be no other than the direct victims of fascism, in the civil war.

Historical memory and punk rock hand in hand, with the sole purpose of reminding us that the gutters of this country still hide blood, dead, and thousands of stories that should never be forgotten.
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