Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Interview with MORTIS MUTILATI by Varg The Mighty.

The interview is answered by "Macabre".

1. Today we will have an interview with the French Black Metal band Mortis Mutilati, who will release their fifth album on September. Hi, how are you doing?

So far so good, everything is going well.

2. What inspired the band's name?

Well, grammatically, Mortis Mutilati doesn't have a real meaning. I chose it because it sounded good to my ears. However I took the inspiration from a chinese torture where they left you die with thousand opened wounds. Nothing original but I was a teenager back at the time...

3. What inspired you to take a melancholic approach to Black Metal?

Nothing in particular, I just write music the way it comes and it sounds most of the time melancholic. Maybe "The Fate Of Flight 800" sounds not as depressing as the previous album, it's more aggressive than what we ever released so far. I don't have anyway a guideline to write music, I just compose what sounds good to me.

4. How was it like recording your videoclip for Invocation A La Momie?

It was pretty fun to do, we were in a abandoned house in the middle of the forest in Auvergne, France and also filmed a few scenes in some cemeteries nearby.
Guilherme Henriques from Gaerea filmed and released it. He's very professional and was a pleasure to work with him!

5. Which are the main influences on your music?

As I said, I don't really have any influence to write music, also because my musical tastes are pretty motley. I've been a huge Def Leppard fan since my childhood but I also like rap, black metal, funk... I don't have any limits and I like to listen to music as long as it's good. So if there is any influence, it's all drowned in all the music I listen to everyday.

6. How was the writing process for your newest album?

It took a bit more than two years to compose. Some of the songs were already finished when we recorded the previous album "The Stench Of Death". It was a period of intense activity with intervals of slackness that could last a few months because I cas too lazy to grab the guitar. Some of the bass lines were not even composed when we entered the studio, it's almost all improvisation!

7. What inspired you to base an album on a plane accident?

In my everyday life, I work as a gravedigger and I was charged to do an exhumation. Once in the grave, I had to open the casket from 1964 and I came face to face with a "brand new" corpse. Most of the time, there's only bones left.
I became pretty curious about that corpse and I found out she was an hostess of the flight TWA 800 that crashed in Rome in November 1964. I managed to gather a lot of information and read the book "Airline Safety Id A Myth" from the Captain Vernon W. Lowell that survived the crash. Then I decided that it would be the theme for our new album.

8. Is there any more new music being made?

We have something to record since five years, we are very late but it should be done at the end of 2020... I'm still writing music but I don't know when an album will be ready as I never force myself to compose. It can be very soon as very late.

9. How do you compose the music to compliment male and female vocals?

I compose the female vocals as an additional instrument. The way I set the lyrics on the song is improvised in the studio, but there's a score for Asphodel's parts. Some ideas were also found by our sound guy in the studio like dubbing her voice four times per different parts, which gives it more depth.

10. Do you plan to play live anytime soon if you're able to?

We were not able to play in 2020 like a lot of bands because of the covid-19 but we're currently working on a tour for the 10th anniversary of Mortis Mutilati that will consist of playing songs from every release, including demos in chronological order. Stay tuned!

11. How do you think the band has evolved musically since the first album?

Many things have changed since the beginning... I started the band as a  solo project and we're now a full band. We also record in a more professional way. In the early years I was recording everything on my own in my bedroom when I was living at my parent's. Since two albums, we use to fly to Sweden at the Endarker Studio to record.

12. Thanks for the interview. Is there anything more you'd like to add?

Thanks for your interest!

 Interview by Varg The Mighty

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