Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Canadian Power Black Metal band The Lightbringer have recently released their EP “From The Void To Existence”, and it seems as they have slightly changed their style.
Power Black Metal is an odd genre, and the few bands that play it are usually horrible (take for instance Sam Totman’s pre-Dragonforce band Demoniac), but The Lightbringer have more or less managed to make this sub-genre sound right.
On this EP, they have almost abandoned the Power Metal side of their music, substituting it for Symphonic Metal slightly in the style of Therion, with their Black Metal side still appearing sometimes in their songs. Another way in which they have changed is in the song length, since this EP consists of the 20 minutes title track and a cover.
Nevertheless, it is an interesting album, even though I prefer their other ones. In this one, they mostly use the beautiful, almost operatic female vocals much more, combined with some male usually Black Metal vocals. It also includes a lot of piano giving it a very Melodic approach they have never lost. Curiously, the cover of Kitaro’s “Caravansary” has been perfectly adapted to the feel of this EP.
Every time you listen to this EP you’ll appreciate more the subliminal essence it has, and if you like Symphonic Metal and Symphonic Black Metal you’ll love it. You don’t need to be a fan of Power Metal to enjoy this album, so that marks a difference with their other ones.
 Review By Varg The Mighty

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