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TRAUMA - Grindcore/Death Metal/Hardcore/Venezuela

TRAUMA was born in mid-1994 in Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela; as a continuation of the projects created by Henry Rodríguez on drums: MADRE NATURA (punk-hardcore), CANCERBERO (death metal), UTOPÍA (death metal), INFECCIÓN (grindcore), Jean Carlos Parra vocalist of the band VERTEBRA (death metal) , along with Alexander Sosa The Bone in the voice. These bands had been making a lot of noise since the early 90s in the extreme underground metal scene in Zulia, and later at the national level.
After a year of overcoming a lot of obstacles and many changes of members, musical styles, which were always influenced mainly by hardcore-punk, always mixed with a bit of death metal, especially in the guttural of the voices, grindcore , and noise, they decided to keep the same name, and that is how the idea of ​​TRAUMA was born, initially formed by Jean Carlos Parra on the first voice, Alexander Sosa El Hueso as second voice, Henry Rodríguez on drums, Cristian zachman on guitar , and Jorge Paz on bass.
This formation would record in 1997 what would be the first long duration of the band, released in cassette format, which would be called: REINO DE NACIONES OSCURAS, funded entirely by who was our Manager Hebert Rodríguez, (Deceased), recorded by Ramiro Parra, and Duplicated by MASTER TRACK CA. The sale of more than five hundred copies in its first edition was calculated from this material, being distributed nationally and internationally in countries such as Colombia by Bizarre Rec, Venezuela by Melomaniac Dist, Ecuador, Mexico by American Line Prod, Puerto Rico by 100% MOSH, United States, Argentina, by Inquisition, Peru, by Metal
Crusher Dist, Spain, etc. From this first work the first successes of the band such as Cerebros Podridos, Conflicto, Carne Humana Da Igual, Muerte among others are extracted, this production was reviewed by prestigious metal magazines such as: Metal Hammer (usa), MELOMANIAC TERROR MUSIC (VEN) , METAL CRUSHER Peru, 100% MOSH, Puerto Rico; Letters newspaper, Panorama, among others. With this production they will share the stage with numerous bands from the local scene in innumerable presentations made at nightclubs, clubs and private parties in the city of Maracaibo and the East Coast of the Lake, presentations in which the Board, Rock and Oil, the Baquetazo, the
Hollada, Club Outlines, Chicago Pool, among others. The band in that period made their first tour that included concerts in San Cristóbal, Cabimas festival Rock and Petroleum Caracas; First Sample of the International Festival of Unknown Bands; in front of four thousand people in the Polyhedron of Caracas with the participation of national and international bands such as Infierno and Ira De Colombia.
The band then took a break, resuming activities in mid-1998 with a new line-up in which the inclusion of a new guitarist Markos Mejia stood out on which would give the band a musical twist. The line-up would be made up of: Alexander El Hueso voice, Jean Carlos Parra voice, Markos Mejía from (Victim) Guitar, Henry Rodríguez on drums, and Jorge Paz on bass. They recorded in 1998 their second unofficial production (demo) which was called: EN NOMBRE DE LA CIENCIA; This material would be the first production of Markos Mejía, together with Juan Febres in the Master, made at MASTER TRACK CA. It was recorded in drummer Henry Rodríguez's room. The (demo) is made up of an intro
and five themes:Fabricantes de Pensamientos y de Cuerpos Muertos, Conflicto, En Nombre de la Ciencia, Victima de la Sociedad y Carne Humana da Igual. Of which only a few promotional copies would come out.
Then Martín Fuenmayor (Extrema Reality) would join our ranks as a second guitar, with this lineup the band would visit Caracas for the second time for the MELOMANIAC FESTIVAL 1999 sharing stage with bands of the stature of Krueger, Morbus, (Gore Santuarium), currently Verminous among others.
Later, Jean Carlos Parra and Jorge Paz would leave the ranks, leaving Alexander El Hueso on vocals, Markos Mejía in charge of the guitars, Martín Fuenmayor fulfilling functions as bassist and Henry Rodríguez on drums, with this formation the second album of the band PREJUICIOS Y MIEDOS in 2002, released this time by the well-known label and distributor
MELOMANIAC METALMEDIA RECORDS; selling a considerable amount of copies and positioning itself as one of the best extreme gangs in the country, extracting from this production themes such as: Alert, No to the Shepherd, Cry of Misery, Nuclear Sarcophagus, among others.
After Martín Fuenmayor's departure, they again tour the country counting this time with Romny Gutiérrez (Sotter) on bass, visiting cities such as Punto Fijo, Mérida, San Cristóbal and Caracas. Already well established at the national level, TRAUMA once again undergoes variations; This is how Jean Carlos Colina El Bicho entered the ranks on the second voice, and Francisco Piña in charge of the bass guitar who accompanied us for 8 years.
In 2007 we started the recording of a new album DIOS KORPORATION in this period the band released in digital format the promotional demo Buitres Carroñeros, made up of 3 songs, Muerte, Buitres Carroñeros and Asesino, songs that would later be included in the long-term DIOS KORPORATION , recorded, mixed and mastered in Maracaibo, San Francisco; Zulia state between 2007-2012 drums recorded in EXTREMA ESTUDIO 2007 Subjects 5, 11, 12, 13, 15 mixes by Delvis Luna. Additional mixes of guitars, bass and vocals, recorded in GRINSOUND RECORDINGS by Markos Mejía in the months of August, September, and October 2012. The national tour resumes in cities such as: Caracas, San Cristóbal, Barquisimeto, Puntofix, Maracay, Acarigua, Mérida and many more, participating in countless festivals in which the following stand out:
- Extreme Gore Fest I IV and VII
- Metal Maracaibo
- Metal Zulia
- Jor Fest (three opportunities)
- Cabimas Assault
In 2012, with the long-awaited GOD KORPORATION looking for a label for its release, TRAUMA participated in the Pregillmanfest in Cabimas and San Francisco, Zulia State, as a guest band, counting on these presentations with the special participation of Jean Carlos Parra, former vocalist of the band, the return of the Bone, and Jorge Galet on guitar, presenting a great show on stage with seven musicians on stage. He also accompanied Krueger and
Natastor in the city of Cabimas, as part of the Sex Inquisition Tour.
By the end of 2012 Juan Rodríguez Juancho (Inside) entered the ranks of the band on the second guitar, replacing Jorge Galet. For December 2012, the expected album Dios Korporation was released for sale in joint collaboration with the Venezuelan label Extreme Gore Productions.
The band appeared in the same month in the Plaza Alí Primera de Cabimas.
In June 2013, the band performed at a new festival called Alianza Occidental, in its first edition, by the national production company Metal Production, along with bands such as Machine, Bloodwork, Korpus Inc, among others. In November of the same year, the band appeared in the city of Maracay,
In the new edition of Extreme Gore Fest 7 with an outstanding participation, in the same month, Markos Mejía, lead guitarist for many years, decided to leave the band for personal and musical reasons. Jorge Galet rejoins the guitar as a member in December, sharing work with Juan Rodríguez. In that same month the band has two presentations, one in the city of Mérida, in the event called: No Fest Matiné Devastador by the national production company Fobia Producciones, culminating 2013 with a flourish with their presentation at the Rock festival in Fin de Year in the city of Maracaibo, along with bands like Sistema Diez, and Brutal Destripation.
In the months of March and May of 2014 we presented ourselves in Cabimas, and Barquisimeto, by the hand of Napoleon Sanchez
Metal Lethal in the 5th and 6th edition of the Western Alliance.
In 2014, Juan Rodríguez, Romny Gutiérrez, Jorge Galet and Alexander Sosa, decided to take separate paths, entering David González. (EXTREMA REALIDAD) on bass, as part of the band's twenty-year celebration, it was decided to record a new album with Markos Mejía, as producer with his house GRINDSOUND RECORDINGS, giving birth to the current CONSPIRACION DEL SISTEMA..
On July 17, 2015 we had the honor of participating in the VIEJA ESCUELA NUNCA MUERE FEST with the bands Rebellion of Colombia, for the first time in Venezuela. Optophobia Mérida, Katkosü Maracaibo.
On May 28, 2016 we presented the album CONSPIRACION DEL SISTEMA in a concert held at Paradiso Espacio VICTIMA DEL RUIDO VOL1 with the
bands FRENTE DE IRA, making their debut MAR DE RABIA, and BLOODWORD in their last presentation in Venezuela.
The album CONSPIRACION DEL SISTEMA featured the music of Jorge Galet and Romny Gutiérrez, in three of their songs, DARK MINDS, SICKNESS OF THE SYSTEM, AND BROKEN PROMISES; which were recorded by Markos Mejía, Jean Carlos Colina El Bicho, with the collaboration of Fer Esteban Torres V from Optofobia, Jean Calos Parra from Vertebra, Cesar Zabala Cubillán from EXTREMA RELIDAD and Juan Carlos Orellana Álvarez from Verminous, who I record from Chile.
The artwork for the album and logo was made by the master of darkness John Quevedo Janssens Illustrator.
On September 9, 2016 our first official video, BROKEN PROMISES, a single taken from the album CONSPIRACION DEL SISTEMA, is released. Direction and edition Juan Pablo Núñez (BROTHERHOOD), filmed in ISOSTUDIO and
In 2016, after recording and producing the album CONSPIRACION DE SISTEMA, our guitarist Markos Mejía, and Jean Carlos Colina El Bicho decided to go to other lands in search of new horizons, at the end of 2016 amid a massive emigration of musicians from the local and national scene to countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile, the United States, etc. Looking for new opportunities due to a deep economic crisis; lived in the country, David Gonzalez also leaves our ranks.
After several conversations in 2017 they decided to return to the band Jean Carlos Parra, vocalist of the first musical production, REINO DE NACIONES OSCURAS de 1997 Romny Gutiérrez on guitar and bass, on drums Henry Rodriguez, who decided to follow the old sound of the band, with direct lyrics, short songs and noise sounds, production that we recorded in 2018 in the RG studio - DIGIRECORD but that due to various inconveniences of our convulsed country, we did not manage to remove it in that year, the cover is in charge of Jean Carlos Parra, Yanibal Dominguez. Editing, Nicolás Bautista, Fucking Noise Productions.
We participate in 2 of the largest international compilations in the history of metal; which are: MENTES OSCURAS, MALEANTES DEL SISTEMA, Y PROMESAS ROTAS, the first one came out in April and the second one came out in September 2019 from NEKRIA, (Chile).
At the same time, in 2019 we worked on a compilation called “25 AÑOS DE RUIDOS”, where there are songs from all over the discography, including unpublished material. The cover was in charge of Jean Carlos Parra, Yanibal Dominguez. Editing, Nicolás Bautista, Fucking Noise Productions.
The 5th study work 'HAREDITARY CONSEQUENCE Y OSCURA FRAGMENTA '' had the collaboration of great friends, acquaintances, allies and others: Zardonic in the Zona de Guerra intro, Nicolás Bautista Vargas of Son Of Parasite, participating in the topics:Estructuras del Poder, Herederos del Caos, Maquinaria Partidista, Detonación. Jean Carlos Parra de Trauma, participating in the themes: Cuando la Miseria Toca a la Puerta, Medios Amordazados, Eco-Destrucción, Letras Buenas Mentes Huecas. Tomás González of BRUTAL DESTRIPATION, participating in the themes:  El País se Hunde, Doble Discurso, En El Exilio, No más.
Bonus Track La Realidad no Será Transmitida
. This work was recorded at DIGIRECORD Estudios in our native Maracaibo, Venezuela. The vocal works were recorded in countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, mixed and mastered by Ronald Guerra. Guitar, Bass: Romny Gutierrez, Drums: Henry Trauma Rodríguez.
We hope this work that with much sacrifice, energy, brutality, and dedication, will be liked by all those who
They have followed TRAUMA since its inception, and noise lovers too. The physical format of the discs will be in charge of the production company: Fucking Noise Productions. Support Cancer Productions Vzla.
In August 2019, two videos made by Henry Cortes (H PRO) “Awakening” from the album Conspiración del Sistema, y “Detonación” del disco, La Miseria de Muchos es la Tiranía de unos Pocos.
In October we were part of, THE SOUND X (6) - international Grindcore Compilado, from The Hills Are Dead - Records label.
October The discs go on sale in Colombia; La Miseria de Muchos es la Tiranía de uno Pocos, together with the compilation;  25 Años de Ruido, edited by Fucking Noise Productions.
November 2, 2019 sees the light;  La Miseria de Muchos es la Tiranía de unos Pocos (2019) +  Conspiración del Sistema
(2016) + Bonus Tracks in CD’S AND CASSETTE format, under the European label; The Hills Are Dead Records.

Jorge Galet: Guitar
Henry Rodriguez: Drums
Rommy Gutierrez: Bass / Guitar
Alexander Sosa: "Hardcore Bone": Voice
''Reino de Naciones Oscuras'' (1997)

''Prejuicios y Miedos'' (2002)

''Dios Korporation'' (2012)

''Conspiración del Sistema'' (2016)

''La Miseria de Muchos es la Tiranía de unos Pocos'' (2019)

''25 años de Ruido'' (Compilado)

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