Wednesday, July 29, 2020

VIANAL (Grindcore/Spain)

VIANAL is a Grindcore band originally from Peste City (Jerez de la Frontera). Its members are old acquaintances from the local scene, with bands like  Anvil of Doom, Mineros Locos, Quiebra, Trasquilón, Tozino de Ziezo, Superstarfucking, Snowblind o Grindcore Gore For My Eyes in their resumes.

In the words of the vials themselves ...
Matoto: "Vianal is rage from the bowels."
Zarbi: "Vianal is poison to my fucking peace."
Dolly: "Vianal is fun with no mileage limit."
Tzaraath: "Vianal is the answer to all the questions that you have never asked yourself and that you should be asking yourself as old as you are."


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