Monday, July 20, 2020

VUG - ONYX (Review by David Kiss )

When I decided to collaborate on Bathoryzine, I self-implanted myself as a moral norm only to make positive reviews of groups or albums that made it hard, why? I just do not see myself with the "I know more than you", or carry the illusions of a group that they have put into their formation or their album, I am nobody to do it, even if I write for a professional media.

That being said, those of you who are going to read me regularly will find reviews of bands that in my opinion have something, and this something is found in this band called VUG and their second album titled "Onyx", the first thing I do is put on my first song , second, look for the album cover, third, photograph of the band and fourth biography of the band. The subject freaks me, the second is the cover of the album leaving me a little cold; Remembering a bit of the Norwegian black metal bands, third step the band looks young and fourth I find nothing of his biography, this last step being an ass that you can not imagine.

But one is intrepid and taking many years in this, he drew long information from VUG is a band gathered in the basements of Neukölln in 2015, quickly developing a primitive and heavy rock sound. Its name extracted from a theme of the progressive mythical band Atomic Rooster, formed in the early 70's.
 With these influences VUG publishes their first album titled simply "VUG", they begin to play and have some impact in the media, until it is consolidated with this formation, a quartet made by two guitars, bass, drums Phil Octowhale, Max Pank, Bommi Pelletier Leonard Vaessen.

That said, when putting on his first track "Blue Onyx" from his second album "Onyx", his first chords sound to me like a good Thin Lizzy influence, well! I think, it has nothing to do with its cover, that I was afraid of another type of sound, previously commented on black metal.
Follow "Easy", guys this trembles me, an introduction with the bass, a heartbreaking voice remembering those overtones of the maestro Jimi Hendrix, Blues Rock mixed with dark metal sounding like that golden age of music that was the 70s. "Tired" enters as "Child in time" by Deep Purple, but it is only a small hint since the song accelerates and returns to that Thin Lizzy aroma that I had previously spoken about ...

Between Ballads, mid-seasons, the album seems a bit melancholic, but it is my extrsensory point of view, it is an album that transmits me, and for me it is the essence, an album, a song has to transmit, VUG; with a little luck, work and good work, they come to delight us with good music.
Data that may interest you about the album was recorded in just two days at the Mesanic Music Studios in Berlin-Kreuzberg, all live, hence the band's energy capture, almost another year to finish the final mix and the masterazition was performed In Chicago.

If you like that characteristic sound from the early 70's, raw, that Rock sound with capital letters that without being metal, makes you the beautiful tip VUG deserves your attention, if Phil Lynott raised his head, surely he would be proud of his successors !!! do not hesitate!!!

 Review by David Kiss

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