Saturday, July 11, 2020

Wolf Among Us releases 'The Lovers' music video and establishes himself as an important figure of Latin American stoner scene


The duo's new release is marked by its intensity, weight and roughness
The music video for the newest single from the duo Wolf Among Us, directed and produced by Robin Ortiz (Bassist and Vocalist), has just been released. The video clip brings new elements that are associated with the theme of the song “The Lovers”, a debut single from the conceptual work “Lords of Cinder" that was recently released via Abraxas Records.

According to Robin, the clip features one of the symbols of the Tarot card "The Lovers" (sixth major arcane), highlighting the confrontation generated by disparity and the alchemical marriage between dualities such as sulfur and mercury, fixed and volatile, male and female, Life and death.The symbolism is illustrated by two dancers, attracted with the same intensity that repel each other, as if they had been loving and confronting each other in search of balance.

The new material of the band marks its new phase, which brings a music full of weight, intensity and harshness, and which shows all the grandeur of this duo that only has to grow with each release.

'The Lovers' presents us with perfectly marked drums and intense and present bass lines, which leaves a great legacy for the national stoner scene.


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