Thursday, July 23, 2020

You can see the NOVUS ORDO live show with exclusive content


After a pandemic and not having been able to do the "One last breath" tour for all of you who have not been able to enjoy our live show, here goes this one with different artists.

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Recorded on Bajo Records
Novus Ordo is a Valencian Braincore band, made up of 4 young people who make a new metal proposal, influenced by different styles. The band was born in 2014 due to a social and cultural discontent of the moment, offering a style that breaks with the prevailing monotony of the music scene, as well as a different and energetic show.

Like all artists, due to Covid.19 and the break it has caused, they have had to reinvent themselves during these months. They had several concerts scheduled, including a performance at the Viña Rock Festival on its 25th Anniversary, but their heads never stop, it is a continuous brainstorming to stand out from the rest.

Meanwhile they have not stopped going around for new songs and being able to do a concert in direct streaming but with an unusual stage, costumes totally contrary to the bands of their style and a series of surprises and content between each song, as always, marking the difference with other bands

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Sara Moreno 
Tfno. 93 300 41 92

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