Sunday, August 30, 2020


After the debut album, THEOGONY, received numerous raving reviews even being called a “masterpiece” and “A record everyone must own. Every generation and every country should adore an album like this.” And even made #23 on Prog-Sphere’s Top albums of 2017.

In the Spring of 2018 Ryan Erwin (guitars) unexpectedly passed away, leaving Alex Bosson (drums) unsure of what to do. After some time passed, he decided to persevere through the tragedy and continue on with LUNAR. Using the tragedy as inspiration, he began writing the next album, EIDOLON – another concept album based around the cycle of life and death and the stages of grief that the ones left behind feel. After writing all the music for the album, Alex enlisted friend Balmore Lemus (NOVAREIGN) to handle tracking guitars for this album. And with Ryan Price and Chandler Mogel (OUTLOUD, DOUBLE VISION) both returning again, the lineup for EIDOLON was set.

In keeping with the diversity that the guest musicians brought to THEOGONY, Alex decided to continue with that idea. By the end of recording, a total of 18 musicians contributed to EIDOLON – this time including members of Haken, Thank You Scientist, Fallujah, Leprous & Caligula’s Horse, to name a few.

EIDOLON is another journey of progressive metal at its finest, spanning 7 tracks and nearly an hour of material. Once again being released through Divebomb Records, EIDOLON was released last November, and is available NOW!
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