Wednesday, August 19, 2020

ANNEXATION - Inherent Brutality

Annexation was founded in 2015 by Lizard Gonzales a.k.a. Uncle Crocodile. With the intention to play fast and aggressive Thrash Metal, influenced by Bands like Slayer, Exodus, Demolition Hammer, Power Trip and Violator the goal was to bring brute violence in the spotlight.
1. A.T.R.
2. Beyond Humanity
3. The Beast
4. Holycaust
5. Inherent Brutality
6. Wrecked
7. Global Assassin Grid   
8. Colonia Dignidad
9. Craving for Flesh
10. Masscontamination
11. Raped and Impaled
Total Playing Time: 38:14 min
Infektörr – vocals
Lizard Gonzales aka Uncle Crocodile – guitars
Rotten Piranha – bass
Sickfuck Sanchez – guitars
Volcanic Nun Desecrator – drums

Reptile World Order     Demo     2017    
Jackhammer Treatment     EP     2019    
Inherent Brutality     Full-length     2020    

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