Monday, August 10, 2020

Black Communion - Miasmic Monstrosity (Review by Leviatan)

In 2018 this Colombian black death band presented us with a promo cd Vomit Of Azathoth,
in 2019 they surprised us with an EP Funeral Incantation.
2020 came and the earth trembled until it broke apart and from the darkest of flaming hells
this Miasmic Monstrosity arises.
They begin with the intro of evil and dark rigor, to give way to of doom and necromancy,
black as night with fast guitars and heartbreaking voice, and a base like a stone wall
forceful and firm.Sinister Evocation Of The Black Lord, you notice how sulfur invades your entire space and while the song absorb your whole being the evil one squeezes your heart, the song advances, taking you into total darkness,and so we arrive at the gateway to the Nebular Crypt. where the demons surround you and your exit is to enter untilthe heart of hell, with a brutal sound makes you feel the infernal heat.Funeral Vomit is a very fast track with some pause that makes it very interesting and diabolical.And like trapped in a coffin, you will be short of breath, and it makes you go into a trance.Blood Deluge begins by roaring straight to your soul, the drummer will cut your throat with its sharp cymbals.
And although at times it seems that it takes a breath, the speed returns immediately, although you feel the security from your house, The theme that gives the title to this infernal work arrives, and with hyper speed it makes you see that of its darkness you are not safe anywhere, you will vomit the lyrics mercilessly the strings of the instruments,they will dismember you and what is left of you the battery will crush it without regard. While you are trying to recoverwith the intro of Infinitely Rotten, the track quickly drags you through the underworld so that the darkdon't abandon you.
Evil Nocturnal March pierces you with a thousand flaming swords, you feel how the theme takes over your shatteredsoul, it is a song that will easily remain etched in your mind forever, brutal and forceful.They say goodbye with an outro, also evil, where the demons will let you know that you are already part of the family
black metal.
Cheers And Horns Up.

 Review by Leviatan

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