Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Colombian War Metal band Black Communion have released their second album, “Miasmic Monstrosity”.
Their style is completely old-school War Metal, quite like if the first albums of Blasphemy were recorded today. They have everything this style needs: gas masks, satanic lyrics or lyrics about war, extremely violent and primitive music and a pointless yet cool use of energy to reach this goal.
While their last EP had some hints of Archgoat with some slower parts, this album has no place of rest, with an eternally fast tempo that is maintained throughout the Full-Length more in the style of the American and Canadian bands like Revenge or Black Witchery. They also seem to slightly lean more to the Black Metal side of the style instead of the Death one as most bands do, thus accomplishing catchy and evil riffs like in the song “Gateway To The Nebular Crypt”.
This band isn’t innovative, but then again, creativity is not accepted in this music genre, since you can’t do War Metal if you don’t sound exactly the same as Blasphemy. Black Communion perfectly achieves this goal, in fact much better than other modern War Metal acts.
I recommend this album if you’re a fan of War Metal or other primitive and aggressive music styles, these are a really good modern band of the style.
 Review by Varg The Mighty

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