Monday, August 17, 2020


German Death Metal band Blasphemous Putrefaction have recently released their debut Full-Length “Prelude To Perversion”.
This album is the filthiest and rottenest kind of Death Metal to have been released this year. With caveman vocals, a clear War Metal influence and the heavy extremeness of real Death Metal, this band has clearly found the formula for a great album to induce headaches and violence.
Added to this great sound are also ominously slow bits in the style of Archgoat or good Death Doom bands like Autopsy and really basic and non-melodic solos to give some sort of originality to refine the stench of perfection in its most putrid form.
Even with slower bits, this album does not have any calm part, let alone a calm song. It is all sickness and gore for your most disgusting delight. In this music you may also find slight hints of Brutal Death or Grindcore (most specifically the style of Pungent Stench) to make sure that the atrocity does not end until the last song finishes.
I definitely recommend this album if you’re a fan of Grindcore, War Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Death Doom or classic Death Metal. If you’re into extreme depravations of elegance this is what you’re looking for.
Review by Varg The Mighty 

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