Friday, August 14, 2020

Co-release Satanath Records with The Ritual Productions: new album "The Line Of The Border" of Italian black/viking metal band Kolossus is out on March 19th, 2020!

KOLOSSUS - Italian black metal solo-project born in 2014 by Helliminator. After a split "The invocation of Makt" with Manon released in 2019, makes the first full-length called "The Line of the Border". It's the first seal of Kolossus, 9 songs of a Black/Viking Metal inspired by Taake, Enslaved, Emperor, Helheim. Helliminator has wrote, composed, sang and played all instruments of the songs except drums done by Emanuele Prandoni (Anamnesi, Simulacro, Ancient). In song "Norge" Vicotnik (Dødheimsgard, Ved Buens Ende) done his precious vocals. On "Journey" solo guitar by Daisy. Mixed and mastered at HVN Recordings by Cam Iel, France. Artwork by Daisy Is Dead.

Helliminator - vocals, guitars, bass, synth
Emanuele Prandoni - drums


01. Abyss
02. Fog
03. Chains
04. Sin
05. Journey
06. Reborn
07. Shores
08. Norge
09. Glimmer

 Length - 42:39

 Available for pre-order!

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 Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) with label:

The Ritual Productions (Netherlands) |
 Catalog number:

SAT278 | FNL039

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