Friday, August 14, 2020

Co-release Satanath Records with Exhumed Records: new album "El Río De La Muerte" of Colombian blackened death metal band Vitam Et Mortem is out on April 13th, 2020!

With 18 years of continuous work and five studio albums, VITAM ET MORTEM has managed to achieve a sound of their own, which is reinvented in each recording. Band has enriched its musical identity by adding elements of ethnic and ritual music which identify their sound, showcasing a rough and fast, yet musical, brutal and darkness resonance. The project go back in 2020 with sixth studio recording, «El río de la muerte» («River of Death»), a conceptual work adressing the issue of the armed conflict that has scourged Colombia for the past 60 years, the album makes a comparison between the Magdalena river in Colombia and the Acheron river of Greek mythology... Group has made of this album an exercise in historical memory. The new album was mixed and mastered in Stockholm (Sweden) by Jari Lindholm and under the executive production of Gustavo Adolfo Valderrama (Vancouver, Canada). Album also has the support of a great reference of Colombian's metal Alex Oquendo and Masacre. Vitam et Mortem is surely one of the extreme metal bands with the greatest international projection in Colombia today! Artwork by Carlos Jácome Artworks.

Julián David Trujillo Moreno (Tánatos) - vocals, lyrics, guitars
Julián Felipe Rodríguez (Haborym) - drums, vocals
Arley Flórez (Maldito) - guitars [live]
Irkalla - bass [live]

01. El río de la muerte (Obertura)
02. Los cuerpos en el río
03. La danza de los gallinazos
04. Aqueronte
05. El animero
06. Barquero de los muertos
07. Plegaria a los muertos
08. Nomen nescio
09. Yo soy el siguiente muerto (2020 version)
10. Ritos de muerte (Masacre cover)

Length - 41:10
Available for pre-order!

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SAT285 | ER-009

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