Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Today’s review is of Salvadorian Black Death Metal band Conceived By Hate’s latest album, “Putrid Realms Of The Occult”.
Starting off with the great song “Nihilistic Ecstasy”, you get a powerful intro that turns into pure Death Metal somewhat like Bolt Thrower, but once the unique vocals come in, the style quickly shifts into their Blackened Death Metal, the style which accompanies the rest of the album.
The voice is singular, being quite forced and giving an aggressivity of Black Thrash to the music. Accompanied by restless and maniac drums, the guitar is quite pure in its genre, often reminding of Marduk, Dark Funeral or other big names. Nevertheless, there are also pretty doomy parts, like in “Drowned in Tomb Mold”, which has hints of early Tiamat to the middle bit, and then you’ve also got “Centroamérica Bélica”, with the tapping so similar to Death. Every song is unique and yet they fit perfectly beside each other.
The extremeness of their genre doesn’t stop for a second until you reach the acoustic outro “Cipreses Fúnebres”, that has a gloomy elegance to it that is very similar to Katatonia’s “For Funerals To Come”. This song is excellent for an outro, and the fact that it’s the only calm part gives it a sort of magnificence to end the album that would have been lost if the rest of the album was weaker or less extreme.
This band is much more unique and original than any other Black Death band that may have currently been getting some attention that sounds the same as any other (take for instance most North-American bands that have recently appeared playing this genre). I definitely recommend checking out this album if you like Black Death Metal, you won’t regret it.
 Review by Varg The Mighty

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