Saturday, August 29, 2020

Corona Nimbus releases 'Lights Out' music video, which addresses the delusions caused by the anxiety disorder in difficult times

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Corona Nimbus has just released the new music video for the track 'Lights Out', a song chosen for the third official video clip of the band of stoner rock and sludge metal, from Brazil.

Through a dark and melancholy atmosphere, the video brings to light the delusions caused by anxiety crisis disorder, where our problems end up suffocating us and assuming much greater proportions than they really are. As the character immerses herself more and more in her daydreams, the woman in the video tries to get rid of the ghosts that chase her before the lights go out.

The theme of the clip emerged during a conversation with psychologist Bárbara Martins. In the music video, the character played by Maria Leite is drowning in a dark world, face to face with her nightmares that become bigger and more intense. As well as the anxiety crisis developed or touched on by many during the quarantine period, in the video situations were created that take care of the character, and for that the clip was recorded in different scenarios,  studio with controlled light, sawed at night and even underwater.

The band wanted to launch something that referred to the lyrics of the song and that at the same time talked to the proposal of videos that have already been released, and that has the proposal to stir the public's mind by creating a script that leaves gaps for different interpretations.

“We are faced with a cloudy period in which we are forced to abruptly adapt to a new normal. In this process, we develop and emerge syndromes and psychoses that haunt us and spark our imagination! Here is the theme and materialization of Lights Out, hostages to the anxiety crisis and other syndromes developed and / or touched upon during this period, we seek to understand what is real or not before the lights go out! ”, Mentions Júlio Baros.

Corona Nimbus materializes in the personalities of Júlio Baros and Júnior Vieira who show in their music what they came from and who know well what they are doing. The duo explores the concept of duality expressed by the members, using references such as yin and yang, the old and the new, the heavy and the light, the heat of the  desert and the cold of the oceanic depths, thus bringing to light also through these elements , the most intimate side, the deepest and most true desire of the human being.

Watch Here 'Lights Out':



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