Thursday, August 13, 2020


DEIMLER is a Death Metal band from Cáceres (Spain). DEIMLER exists since 1998, it was founded by Pako Deimler, currently the only composer.
"Zero One" is the first work under the name DEIMLER, I have decided to record these 4 songs and a version, to show this beloved music, called Death Metal Old School.

The lyrics and themes in DEIMLER are based on science fiction and death, both of the flesh and of the machine, a created and self-imposed “Dimenssion” from a universe between two worlds, the real or analog and the artificial or mechanical. There has always been a very real relationship between both universes. "Zero One" is the first installment in this saga of records and themed science fiction and death.
DEIMLER's music is based on an Old School Death Metal, fed by bands that forged this beautiful musical genre, DEMILICH, CARNAGE, ADRAMELECH, DISMEMBER, AVULSED, FUNEBRE, NECROPHILIAC, ENTOMBED, CARTILAGE, DEATH, OBITUARY or GRAVE, among other influences.

"Zero One" has been mixed, produced and mastered at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez. The guitars, bass and vocals have been written, composed and recorded at Hell House Studios in Cáceres by Pako Deimler. The drums have been recorded at Moontower Studios by Oscar Trigger. This work has been composed and written between the months of September 2019 and April 2020.

Deimler is:

Pako Deimler (Funedëim): Vocals/Guitars/Bass y único compositor 

Support training for direct:
Oscar Trigger: Drums
Luisma Romero: Bass
Toto Castelló: Guitars
 "Zero One" Ep 2020

Call  669 15 11 27

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