Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Greek Progressive Death Metal band Echidna will release later this month their second album “Escape From Civilization”.
This album has all the technical characteristics that a progressive album should have, from strange dissonances to djenty riffs and constant use of scales even in the main melodies. There can also be found a huge effort in the drums with their use of unusual time signatures.
The album is also very diverse, implementing mostly a voice similar to Death (not completely guttural, mostly clear) and having most songs embrace progressiveness completely, you can also hear some slightly Thrash songs that besides the different energy they don’t lose the technicality at all (check the song “Age Of Plastic). There are also songs more similar to Voivod, like “Cordyceps” and a definitively different song is “Empire Of Crime”, which sounds like out of an Arcturus album. There are also notably a lot of jazzy bits throughout the Full-length.
It’s nice to hear that this band will release another album after 10 years, since it is quite unique. I recommend this album if you enjoy Progressive Metal, Djent, Avant-Garde or Progressive Death Metal, since while it is of the later genre, it can be enjoyed if you like any of those in my opinion.

 Review by Varg The MIghty

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