Sunday, August 30, 2020

Goat Necropsy signs with record label for worldwide distribution of their first full length

The brazilian band Goat Necropsy has just announced the partnership with Rapture Records for the release of the first full-length, entitled 'Barbarism'. The album will be released worldwide by the Necropsy Records label in 2021, in a special limited edition of 500 copies that will count as a bonus the EP 'Bloody and Fresh' - the first work released by the band. Recently, Goat Necropsy released the video clip "The Collector", which closes the cycle of publicizing the first EP of his career, 'Bloody and Fresh', which had a good repercussion in the national and international magazines.

Although labeled as deathgrind, the style of the band is pleasantly extreme, but also digestible, incorporating characteristics of several styles of extreme metal to standardize the intensity. In addition to precursors of a unique style, the duo also draws attention for being DIY (Do It Yourself), producing, directing and recording all their material, from the videos to the album. "From the beginning, the idea was to do everything and be in control to present a quality and professional project. We likes to emphasize the importance of the partnership with Reverbera Music Media, for dissemination, communication and image care, which makes it possible to work more on the particular things of the band and focus on the entire production", said Goat Necropsy.
Goat Necropsy was formed by W.Johann and Vic Ferreira in November 2019. Two insane minds making extreme metal with dirty, bloody and putrid themes, mixing GoreGrind lyrics with sonority Death Metal, Slam and Splatter. With influences from Carcass, Dying Fetus, Aborted, Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death.

Vic Ferreira, owner of a powerful and unique voice, coming from guttural to inhale, studied extreme vocal technique and music production at MI (Musicians Institute) in Los Angels CA. W.Johann is initially known for his work with KroW - one of the biggest bands in the Death Metal scene in Brazil -, already performing at Rock In Rio and is also part of the brazilian Death metal band, NervoChaos, and Victorizer with renowned vocalist Vitor Rodrigues (Ex-Torture Squad)

Genre: GoreGrind/Deathgrind

Producer / sound engineer: W. Johann, Vic Ferreira

Recording, mixing, and mastering: W. Johann, Vic Ferreira

Photographer: Jéssica Mar


Vic Ferreira (Vocal)
W.Johann (Guitarra e Baixo)


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