Friday, August 28, 2020

GROUND MEAT release cover song from PANTERA's Glam Era

Chilean groove metal heavyweights Ground Meat have unleashed their brand new early Pantera cover song + video.
Taken from Pantera's last effort in their so-called Glam Era, Ground Meat takes the title-track of the 1988 album "Power Metal" for a spin, replacing the high pitched squeals and the shiny leather for an overdose of Djent and Groove metal which takes the 80s into modern territory.
«I love all the early Pantera catalogue and this song is fuckin' fierce», states vocalist Christofer Oros. «We decided to inject a bit of our style so that it would sound like it was recorded on their later albums. All I can say is: purists, watch out!»
Drummer Raul Guevara adds: «Coronavirus really messed with the initial schedule for our last album, so we just decided to keep doing some recordings until shows are back. Given money's been extremely tight in music lately, we went for a DIY approach and did all the editing by ourselves.»
This announcement comes right after the release of Ground Meat's sophomore album "Pathological Silence", out now via Dead Artist Records.


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