Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Iʼm No Enemy - Blood And Bone - (Hard Rock/Metal)

Iʼm No Enemy was founded out of the desire to bring heavy music to todayʼs audience. Fusing together elements of hard rock, metal, alternative, and punk with memorable hooks, meaningful words, and inspired performances creates the foundation of the Iʼm No Enemy sound. Massive riffs combined with soaring vocals and , slamming, precision-tight rhythm section is the end result. The life-long dream and vision of producer, songwriter, and lyricist Mark Viktor,
Iʼm No Enemy takes on different forms, each with recognizable personality. Not bound by any traditional band structure, Iʼm No Enemy focuses on collaborations. A new way for the new times. This approach has led the band to employ the talents of multiple singers, opening up the doors for greater, creative expression and diversity. Giving the band an expanded voice and textures, Iʼm No Enemy takes full advantage and explores more and more territory and music,l ground with each new track. “Crush out the negativity. Stomp out the fear. Come ,live and be who you really are.” This is the mission statement that unites it all. Listeners of the band can expect a consistent and solid stream of new releases.
Some words about the release:
“Blood and Bone” is a hypnotic, hard-rock track that brings the vibe all day long. The story behind the song is about the inner will and strength that keeps you going even when life can leave you feeling twisted and turned. Pumping bass and giant riffs, with a certain sludge to it, and , groove to sway to.
Hard Rock, Metal
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